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ABOMB thrown into a street injuring three policemen could have killed children, the Chief Constable of Northern Ireland said yesterday.
ABOMB exploded during a Remembrance Day service on November 8, 1987 in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, killing 11.
Short- distance travellers will have to pay abomb from November 1
The Ministry of Defence has promised to review its treatment of servicemen who took part in the 21 Abomb tests in the South Pacific during the 1950s.
To wit, Blount's entry on e-mail reads, "Call this hyphen fussy if you will, but you wouldn't write Abomb for A-bomb, or opositive for O-positive, or Xray (which looks like the name of a science fiction villain) or fstop or Bgirl or Bside of a record (not that there is any such thing anymore) or Csection, Fword, Gman, Vchip, or Xfactor." On the abbreviation mic, Blount writes, "We need to preserve as much phonetic fiber in English as we can.
The book had a revolutionary effect on the debate over why the United States used the Abomb against Japan.
He received a medical discharge after being injured by shrapnel from abomb during the daring raid.
Lifton also delineates three stages that the survivors experienced after the bombings: immediate fears went beyond their own deaths; during the following days and weeks, people who first appeared to be untouched began exhibiting physical symptoms, and many more died, giving the sense that these weapons of mass destruction had poisoned everything; years later, there was an increase in incidences of cancers in victims, as the effects of the Abomb were seen to be endless.
But only now, since he said the London bombings made him 'very happy' and said he would not report abomb plot if he knew of one, has our Government decided to send him packing.
A review published by the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF), in Japan, concluded: 'We still have no clear answers as to how the Abomb radiation has caused biological effects in humans.'
He clears Paymaster Eric Nave of the suspicion of twisting the evidence to support his coauthor James Rusbridger's conspiracy theory on Pearl Harbour, and shows that the Allies knew very well that many in the Japanese War Cabinet were ready for talks leading to surrender at least a month before the first Abomb on Hiroshima.
ABOMB disposal team descended on Newcastle's West End as a "suspicious package" brought the area to a standstill on Friday.
ABOMB attack on a prison of-ficer in Northern Ireland may be the first of a number of dissident republican murder bids launched to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising, police have warned.
When his son succumbed to cancer in 2005, he felt desperate to voice his anguish and tell the world what millions of Abomb victims had gone through.