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a reformer who favors abolishing slavery

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Dismantling Slavery: Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and Formation of the Abolitionist Discourse, 1841-1851.
LincolnAEs relationship with the abolitionists and the abolition movement held tensions that followed him to the grave.
(6) However, if the American death penalty eventually does end, it will be in no small part because abolitionists altered their political and legal arguments and, in doing so, successfully reframed the death penalty debate.
She is aware of the motif Douglass played for the white abolitionists but she is sure that it was Douglass's rhetoric in tones that "felt like rain soaking the land with blessings" that made them realize his true greatness.
Building her argument in part on the rich body of abolitionist print culture, The Slave's Clause refutes characterization of the abolitionists as white bourgeois romantics confined to antebellum America.
Meet 14 female abolitionists who took extraordinary risks in their struggles to end slavery from the 18th century to the present.
Increasingly, however, attention drifted away from slavery in and of itself to indictments against northern abolitionists as the papers progressed from the 1830s into the 1850s and 1860s.
Nevertheless, his delineation of Guerney's social network in the capital reinforces the importance of personal connections for abolitionists with religious sympathies.
Abolitionists, Delbanco argues, imagine a world free from a specific problem, but they do not outline a path to removing it or consider the potential consequences of that removal.
John Stauffer's contribution, "Fighting the Devil with His Own Fire," delves more deeply into the outlooks of Hawthorne, Henry James, and Lionel Trilling to demonstrate his disagreement with Delbanco's assertion that the writers, like others, viewed the abolitionists as a radical element of society and avoided the issue of slavery in their works.
His third press was paid for by abolitionists nationwide, who were outraged at the attempts to silence Lovejoy's voice, but the Alton mobsters -- seeing even less reason to tolerate a printing press paid for by "outsider'' abolitionists than the one previously paid for by their fellow citizens -- tossed number three into the river alongside the others.
Brent Morris's "'All the truly wise or truly pious have one and the same end in view': Oberlin, the West, and Abolitionist Schism" stresses the significance of western abolitionists and the role they played in the broader national movement to end slavery.
Abolitionists in Britain were determined to prevent it.
In fact, SlaveryMuseum.org opens with her recitation of John Pierpont's poem "To Abolitionists." After this series ends, Thornton says she hopes to present the burning of Pennsylvania Hall, an abolitionist meeting place, through a live theater piece that she can open to an online audience.
Before the Civil War, many abolitionists championed the cause of Native Americans as well as slaves.