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the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery

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The role of Liverpool in the slave trade is not one the museum shies away from - whether it be the abolitionist movement or the role the city's ship and slave owners played in supporting the trade.
While the American abolitionist movement was finding support in Great Britain, a form of condescending racism deeply rooted in popular culture accompanied this moral stance.
Educated in France, his skill in fencing and amazing talent as a violin virtuoso earned him a distinguished place in French high society and the court of Versailles; yet he was not content to simply bask in court life, choosing to support the abolitionist movement, take part in the Haitian slave revolt, and join the French Revolution in the hope of ending slavery.
Both writers point out that the abolitionist movement and the New Negro movement respectively were viewed as failures, despite the deep impact they made in revising racist notions of black identity.
The city was a major point of the abolitionist movement in the 19th century, as people from around the state made their way there to make their argument for the end of slavery across the river in Kentucky.
Ferrell's THE ABOLITIONIST MOVEMENT (0313331804, $45.
More than 150 men and women are part of that company, not to mention places and events, from Christian letters to the Abolitionist Movement, from Porphyry of Gaza to Ludwig Wittgenstein, from the mosaics of Ravenna to Mount de Chantal Academy in Wheeling, West Virginia.
James MacGregor, an Antiburgher Seceder missionary from Scotland, who in 1788 published a pamphlet against another Presbyterian minister in Nova Scotia who held slaves, began the abolitionist movement in Canada.
They joined an abolitionist movement and gave speeches about their escape.
As far as he was concerned, war had already been declared by the "pukes," the Missouri Border Ruffians who had murdered free soilers and sacked the town of Lawrence, stronghold of the western abolitionist movement.
I know I'll continue to dance until I stop walking, but I'm also working with an abolitionist movement to end modern day slavery in countries across the globe.
Yet, as Hochschild's book points out, the transatlantic slave trade or, more accurately, the abolitionist movement that rose up to fight it, left another impermeable mark upon Western society.
The history of white populism (including the abolitionist movement and the progressive movement of the 1920s) is a story of claimed working class solidarity against the common enemy of the white elite.
Although their work has been overlooked for decades, women involved in the abolitionist movement between 1830 and 1860 found themselves with unprecedented access to publishing organizations.
The conference brought together 3,500 activists, students, academics, former prisoners and their families, former political prisoners, and cultural workers to launch a new broad-based abolitionist movement based on a critique of the prison-industrial complex.