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the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery

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For if abolitionism was indeed a subclass of humanitarianism, then one would have expected its critique to be extended.
Abolitionism as a "Way of Seeing": Colonialism and Genealogies of Punishment in Australia
His narrative follows the course of ecclesiastical abolitionism from the secession of perfectionists from "Presbygational" churches in the 1830s to the formation of new abolition churches and the overtly Christian Liberty Party during the next decade.
The excellent introduction assesses the formation and evolution of black abolitionism.
Andrew Delbanco examines American culture and politics as a whole through the concept of abolitionism.
In closing, The Sounds of Silences is a welcome addition to the literature on the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the politics of Abolition, The translation of Marques' thoroughly researched and soundly argued book will offer an English reading audience an important point of comparison in understanding the course of abolitionism in the 19th century.
Today, the temperance movement is not as well-remembered as abolitionism and the push for women's rights.
Furthermore, Northern schools threatened to brush Southern men with the taint of abolitionism.
Impossible Witnesses: Truth, Abolitionism, and Slave Testimony.
In The Great Silent Army of Abolitionism: Ordinary Women in the Antislavery Movement, Julie Roy Jeffrey takes this truism and demonstrates the complexity, variation, and evolution of female participation in abolitionism.
Finally, a conversation between Angela Davis, former political prisoner and longtime international anti-prison activist, and Dylan Rodriguez, a member of the Critical Resistance organizing committee and one of the co-editors of this issue, offers a meditation on the political challenges of prison abolitionism.
Stewart, in his Introduction to the Narrative of Soujourner Truth, originally published in 1850, points out that abolitionism, millennialism, and women's rights were the three themes that animated Sojourner Truth's writings.
What becomes of abolitionism in Britain and throughout the British Empire after the emancipation of all slaves in British territory in 1833?
From Abolitionism to Zacatecas, the alphabetical entries in Volumes 1 and 2 cover people, events, and places of the war, along with ships and battalions, military and other organizations, battles, and treaties; also covered are political developments, social movements, literature, and the arts of the period.
The book employs a loosely chronological format as it explores thematic chapters organized around a wide range of topics including, male-male intimacy in the fledgling colonies, among soldiers, in the rhetoric of abolitionism, in the imported literature of the early Republic, in the religious fervor of the Second Great Awakening, and in the everyday experiences of soldiers, prospectors, cattlemen, businessmen, slaves, and ordinary early American men.