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the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery

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Marcia Ley, the university's subject leader in printmaking, said: "I think the abolition of slavery is something that is worthwhile commemorating, but we have to remember there is still slavery in the world today.
Mr Reddie organised the National Abolition of Slavery Commemorative Service at Westminster Abbey this year to celebrate the bicentenary of the end of the slave trade.
THE year 2007 is the Bicentenary year for the abolition of slavery.
However, complete abolition of slavery did not come until 1833.
He also served as the clerk of the Philadelphia Society for the Abolition of Slavery and later turned his files into the classic source for fugitive slave testimony, The Underground Railroad.
We also understand the historic role that challenges to the two party system have played in raising crucial causes that major parties eventually adopt: from abolition of slavery to the eight-hour day, from unemployment insurance to Social Security.
Following the abolition of slavery, however, the planters in the Pisco Valley complained about chronic shortages of labor, or perhaps we should say cheap labor.
At the same time that she insists that her study is not intended to be a comprehensive examination of slavery and Reconstruction, she nonetheless commits herself to a sustained historical analysis that brings to light how, after the legal abolition of slavery, liberal notions lik e will, agency, responsibility, and individuality were used to create tragic continuities between slavery and freedom.
Lewis alluded to the sentiment of historian John Hope Franklin, the chairman of the panel, who said prior to Clinton's speech on race relations that slavery denoted a feeling among whites that African-Americans were inferior, and to some extent, that feeling has continued long after the abolition of slavery.
She was an outspoken freethinker in religion and a crusader for more equitable distribution of property as well as for women's rights, free public education, and the abolition of slavery.
The statesman, born in Northumberland 250 years ago today, can point to a record that includes the abolition of slavery and the first Great Reform Act.
Contract notice: Cleaning the interior and exterior spaces of the memorial to the abolition of slavery in nantes.
The book begins by examining slavery on the moving frontier, and the ways in which the frontier ultimately resulted in the abolition of slavery in America.
Building upon this foundation, David Brion Davis adeptly weaves the development, character, and eventual abolition of slavery into the core of western settlement.
AFRICAN-Caribbean culture is being celebrated in Huddersfield to mark the abolition of slavery.