ABO blood group system

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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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Antigen antibody agglutination test was performed by slide method for the determination of ABO blood types and Rh factor.
In order to revisit this forgotten subject we conducted the present study to look for any association between various ABO blood types and psoriasis vitiligo alopecia areata and pemphigus vulgaris since the inheritance of blood groups are not confounded by environmental factors and as such they seem to be a useful source of research for human studies.
This Q-Probes study presents the results of (1) a comprehensive survey of patient identification and sample labeling and acceptance practices for transfusion medicine samples, and (2) an analysis of mislabeling rates for samples submitted for testing of ABO blood type at 122 almost exclusively US institutions transfusing a range of 118 to 45 592 RBC units annually.
For those patients whose ABO blood types were archived in blood bank files, we asked participants to tally the number of patients for whom the current specimen's blood type result differed from that in their records, so-called WBIT.
The ABO blood group antigens also appeared to have been important throughout our evaluation, because the frequencies of different ABO blood types vary among different populations, suggesting that a particular blood type conferred a selection of advantages e.
Highest Z-scores for ABO blood types (depicting maximum heterogeneity against all other populations) were obtained between Peshawar and Mardan, and between Swabi and Swat.
To investigate whether HBGAs were associated with SaV susceptibility similar to NoV susceptibility (2,3,11), we examined 22 of 33 SaV-infected children who were either symptomatic (n = 18) or asymptomatic (n = 4) in relation to ABO blood types, Lewis phenotypes, and secretor genotype.
A multidisciplinary team at the University of Alberta and the National Institute for Nanotechnology is developing new materials that could one day allow for safe organ transplants between patients of different ABO blood types.
Actually, the ABO blood types existed long before humans evolved, according to Stephen Bailey, Ph.