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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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Thus, recipients' age, ABO blood group comparison, MELD score, blood loss, operating time, units of PRBCs, FFP, platelets, as well as preoperative platelet count were entered into the multivariate Cox model using forward selection.
ABO blood group testing is the basis for pretransfusion testing to select accurate blood unit for transfusion.
4 Strong evidences from various studies suggested that the diversity of ABO blood group distribution across the population of whole world, including Pakistan.
The ABO blood group framework is the most critical framework for blood group similarity.
15-17 The exact mechanism of association of ABO blood group and mentioned diseases is not clear.
So, our study seeks to find any correlation between ABO blood group and rhesus (Rh) antigen with fat percentage and waist-hip ratio (WHR) which is now believed to be the real culprit and is known to cause several metabolic as well as endocrinal disorders.
Differences in anti-A(H1N1)pdm09 antibody titres were also analysed for the possible influence of the ABO blood group system.
Individuals could be classified as 'secretors' and 'nonsecretors'according to their ability to secrete ABO blood group antigens in saliva [6] ABO blood group antigens (A, B, and H), in addition to their presence on blood cells and platelets, are also present on other tissue cells and are variably expressed through body fluids, such as saliva, tears, semen, urine, gastric juice, and breast milk, depending on whether the individual possesses the secretor gene or not, the inherited A, B, O genes,and Lewis blood group system [7]
ABO blood group was the first system to be described and remains the most significant one in transfusion medicine.
Karl Landsteiner, who was an Austrian, he was awarded by Nobel Prize for the incredible discovery of ABO blood group system2.
Oman is a developing country with a genetically admixed population consisting of Caucasian, African, and Asian ancestries and there are no studies on the prevalence of distribution of ABO blood group and Rh status.
Distribution of rotavirus and norovirus cases among 114 children <6 years of age by ABO blood group, Lewis phenotype status, and nonsecretor status, Tunisia, November 2011-February 2012 * Phenotype No.
Distribution of ABO blood group and Rh phenotypes in random population from Sialkot (Punjab), Pakistan.
A number of genes, including the ABO blood group gene, were confirmed as having been acquired by vertebrates through HGT.