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a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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The tweet went viral enough to reach Abo El-Naga just like any other user.
The transfusion of ABO incompatible units is the major cause of transfusion-induced fatalities worldwide.
A higher degree of precision in the estimates is required, however, when the year-end assets and ABO give rise to an additional minimum liability, particularly when that liability will reduce a company's net worth.
Still, however, algae-based fuels continue to be at a disadvantage when it comes to federal policy," said Mary Rosenthal, executive director of the ABO.
At the commissioning ceremony, Ivan Menezes said of Diageo's investment in Meta Abo, "We are now celebrating three years since the acquisition of Meta Abo and are proud to have arrived at another significant milestone in our brewery's growth with the commissioning of the new production line.
A small group of Abo Zaid's family gathered in front of the embassy holding banners that read 'Freedom for Bashar Abo Zaid'," said Ashraf Kilany, media consultant of the Egyptian embassy in Jordan.
In Fitch's opinion, ABO could also look for support from its 35 per cent -owner Ahli United Bank BSC, Bahrain (AUB; 'BBB+'/Stable), although this is currently not factored into the ratings.
of-love battle: Rami and Sami Odeh and (left) mum Dr Yusra Abo Hamed.
2001: Abo, then 20, enters the UK from Kenya but there is no official record of his entry.
The fifth semi-annual meeting of Annex XV began with a reception at Abo Akademi University.
Due to the immaturity of the babies' immune systems, the researchers said none experienced hyperacute rejection, and no morbidity was attributable to ABO incompatibility.
Today, the House sent an unmistakable message of bipartisan support to the hundreds of companies, scientists, entrepreneurs and government agencies working to accelerate the development of algae-based fuels, which will create jobs, decrease emissions and reduce our nation's dependence on imported fossil fuels," said Mary Rosenthal, Executive Director of ABO.
Contract awarded for acquisition of gel cards: monoclonal anti igg, abd / abd confirmation, abo / d more inverse group abo / rh more human globulin, antibody screening, and testing for syphilis supply ba
Abo Marzouk denied reports that Hamas had asked to meet Egyptian Minister of Defence Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.
ABO is mainly funded by customer deposits (88 per cent of non-equity funding at end-H1 2011), the majority of which are regarded by the bank as stable.