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difficult or labored respiration

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Breathing dysfunction leads to musculo-skeletal changes that reinforce abnormal breathing patterns and effect posture and movement patterns.
The most common features of the disorder include ataxia (lack of muscle control), an abnormal breathing pattern called hypernea, sleep apnea, abnormal eye and tongue movements, and hypotonia.
A Duke University study presented at the 2007 meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists ("ASA") concluded that a successful post-operative respiratory monitoring strategy designed to detect abnormal breathing would require more than respiratory rate measurement.
Affected patients present with abnormal breathing and other symptoms, which may include cough, dysphagia, vomiting, cyanosis, and hemoptysis.
Respiratory cases had the highest proportions of abnormal breathing tests and breathing medication use; the fewer symptoms group had the next highest; and the comparison group had the lowest proportions of these two outcomes (Tables 6 and 7).
In addition to various neurological symptoms, the ministry has decided to include health problems such as fever, abnormal breathing and reduced milk as signs warranting the stricter examinations, they said.
A medical study carried out in the Midlands has linked asthma to abnormal breathing patterns which could be easily corrected.
Quinn reported at a subsequent inquiry that Master Fay - winner of the 1999 Listed Rose Bowl Stakes for Mick Cnannon - raced freely, repeatedly changed his legs in the straight and made abnormal breathing noises.
Lung function tests revealed abnormal breathing patterns in both patients, and lung tissue biopsies confirmed the diagnosis of asthma.