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a member of the Algonquian people of Maine and southern Quebec


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En su guerra contra la supersticion, a veces ni siquiera los jesuitas podian evitar un discurso de condena de ciertos usos y practicas de entre los abnakis, montagnais, micmacs, hurones, iroqueses y demas tribus, acusandolos de insinceridad e hipocresia.
The child in this excerpt, with his Indian war paint, makes play out of violence while also taking on the role of the subjugated, exoticized Abnakis, which gives him an aura of savagery.
Mills of the Kavanaughs" begins with a prose paragraph that approximates stage direction but also includes explanatory notes about references to the Abnaki and Penobscot Indians that will appear later in the poem.
missionnaire chez les Abnakis, de Saint-Francois, le 21 octobre 1757 [much greater than], Lettres curieuses et edifiantes Lyon, J.
The Native peoples mentioned are the Abnakis, Alibamus, Apaches, Arkansas, Atakapas, Biloxies, Caddos, Cances, Choctaws, Chawanons, Cherokees, Chickasaws, Creeks, Delawares, Loups, Nahas, Mascoutens, Mesquakis (Mascokees is here the Spanish version of the tribe more commonly known as Fox), Mikasuki (the Spanish rendering here is Mecasuques), Miamis, Opelousas, Osages, Plankashaws, Sauks, Seminoles, Sioux, Talapoosas, Tawehashes, Tunicas, Wabashes, and Yuchis.