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Synonyms for Abnaki

a member of the Algonquian people of Maine and southern Quebec


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the Algonquian language spoken by the Abnaki and Penobscot

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On June 19, after a voyage of some 1,960 miles, the Abnaki pulled U-505 into Port Royal Bay, Bermuda.
cleft Forests and skulls of the Abnakis left Like saurian footprints by the lumber lord, Who broke their virgin greenness cord by cord To build his clearing.
My mother's side of the family was of Abnaki (Wabnaki) roots.
Brown (501) 767-5341 Standard Landing Craft Unit #38: Dud Morris (512) 273-2230 Ulithi Atoll (Falal;op, Asor, Sorlen & Mog-Mog Islands): Deborah Arnold (520) 747-3727 UnHoly Four (President's USS Jackson APA-18, Adams APA-19, Hayes APA-20 and USS Crescent City APA-21): Bill Vormbrock (860) 376-5557; billv16@juno.com USS Abnaki ATF96: Jeff Stanley (858) 277-3233; jstanley@ucsd.edu USS Alfred A.
They are known by many as Eskimos, a misnomer given to them by the Abnaki Indians, meaning raw fish eaters.
Some tribes, like the Abnaki of Vermont, however never consented to a treaty with the United States, and thus have never been "recognized." Churchill, supra note 14.
Consider for example the cautionary tale of the Abnaki dictionary.
Suggesting that Allen learned a dramaturgy of ritualized conflict from Abnaki and Mohawk trading partners (rather than from the New York land rioters of the 1760s as Irving Mark suggested long ago), Bellesiles describes Allen's attacks on New York leaseholders as a "theater of humiliation", achieving his ends with "threatening gestures rather than violence".
Pierre Roubaud characterized Abnaki singing as resembling "the cries and howling of wolves" ([70] 97).
A French stronghold at this time was the Abnaki Indian village of Norridgewock on the Kennebec R.
Augusta, ME, October 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Knights of Columbus Abnaki Council 334, located at St.
HAYDOCK: 2.05 Abnaki, 2.40 Softsong, 3.15 Cedre Bleu, 3.50 Noble Legend, 4.25 Oscar Magic, 5.00 Kandari, 5.35 Desert Sting.
Perfect partners strike again Winner number 151 nearly arrived 30 minutes later for McCoy but despite his best efforts on Abnaki, the pair went down by half a length to Jake Greenall and Safran De Cotte.