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The ablative material was much thinner than the sub-scale fiberglass melamine heatshield.
Researchers at General Electric's Missile and Ordnance Systems Division in Philadelphia expanded on the Marquardt work by estimating a candidate ablative material's ability to absorb heat up to 8000 F under equilibrium conditions.
Once the feasibility of ablative material had been experimentally determined, flight testing of sub-scale reentry vehicles began.
For such high speed entries, ablative materials are usually selected as heat shield materials [1, 2].
Caption: Centerfire pistol cans very effectively muffle the sound of a gunshot but will remain unpleasantly loud unless the can is charged with an ablative material and used with subsonic ammo.
Marra et al., "Carbon-phenolic ablative materials for re-entry space vehicles: Plasma wind tunnel test and finite element modeling," Materials and Design, vol.
* Editor of "Functional Filler" journal; knowledgeable on specialty coatings, magnetic materials, inorganic pigments, intumescent materials, and ablative materials.
The first release of the disc will include the first four volumes--from ablative materials to carbons--represented by over 4000 records, including images, tables, and graphs.