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The ablative material was much thinner than the sub-scale fiberglass melamine heatshield.
Researchers at General Electric's Missile and Ordnance Systems Division in Philadelphia expanded on the Marquardt work by estimating a candidate ablative material's ability to absorb heat up to 8000 F under equilibrium conditions.
Once the feasibility of ablative material had been experimentally determined, flight testing of sub-scale reentry vehicles began.
For such high speed entries, ablative materials are usually selected as heat shield materials [1, 2].
Caption: Centerfire pistol cans very effectively muffle the sound of a gunshot but will remain unpleasantly loud unless the can is charged with an ablative material and used with subsonic ammo.
In order to successfully develop such physics modules, the understanding of the fundamental processes occurring within the ablative materials must be improved.
The existence of this capability will allow improvements in the efficiency and cost of developing advanced new ablative materials which are tailored to meet the specifications of Europes future mission needs.
Tender issuethis activity aims to review the material property evaluation techniques used for ablative materials to identify artefacts relatedto internal material transformations and to establish methods which can allow to reliably and repeatably extract the desired properties.
Marra et al., "Carbon-phenolic ablative materials for re-entry space vehicles: Plasma wind tunnel test and finite element modeling," Materials and Design, vol.
* Editor of "Functional Filler" journal; knowledgeable on specialty coatings, magnetic materials, inorganic pigments, intumescent materials, and ablative materials.
The first release of the disc will include the first four volumes--from ablative materials to carbons--represented by over 4000 records, including images, tables, and graphs.
Also, for ablating thermal protection materials, accurate measurement of the recession rate is a critical task forthe characterization and proper modelling of the ablative materials. Here is proposed to use optical techniques (such as high speedand/or high-definition cameras) and associated post- processing techniques to calculate the recession rate of the ablative samples exposed to plasma flow.