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Synonyms for Abkhazian

a member of the Circassian people who live to the east of the Black Sea

a Circassian language spoken by the Abkhaz


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of or relating to Abkazia or its people or their language


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The Abkhazian official reported to the officer on guard, a major in the Russian army, and asked if we could film the barracks from the road.
The reason for these differences can be found not only in the traditional arguments between the Circassian and the Abkhazian national movements but also in consideration of the very materialistic nature of the local population.
194) In Abkhazia, the flight and expulsion of ethnic Georgians in the early 1990s greatly complicates claims about what the Abkhazian population desires.
According to the Georgian authors, the ancient Abkhazian Kingdom was ethnically Georgian, according to the Abkhazian authors, Abkhazian.
Soon after the collapse of the USSR, a vibrant arms trade appeared in the Gall region of Georgia where many entrepreneurs became wealthy selling weapons to Abkhazians.
Hall and its crew engaged in joint exercises with Georgian counterparts, which prompted Abkhazian Deputy Defense Minister Garry Kupalba to announce "A joint action plan for Abkhaz armed forces and Russian troops stationed in the republic has been developed in case Georgia launches military actions against Abkhazia.
of Abkhazian culture" (74), but he merely portrays the belief in it and never inviting the reader to share it.
One day later Russian and Abkhazian forces opened a second front by attacking the Kodori Gorge, held by the Georgians in Abkhazia, and intruding into western parts of Georgia's interior.
GT: How can Iran support Georgia in resolving the Abkhazian and South Ossetian conflict?
When Abkhazia declared independence in 1989, its population was estimated at about 525,000, of whom slightly less than 20 percent were Abkhazian, while 45 percent were Georgian (the remainder mostly Russians and Armenians).
A Tupolev 154B aircraft operated by Transair Georgia was shot down by Abkhazian rebels, crashed onto the runway, and caught fire, killing 108.
Turkey has substantial ethnic Abkhazian and Ossetian minorities, who by and large support the independence of their breakaway regions back home.
In addition, one Georgian police officer was killed and three others wounded at the weekend by separatist Abkhazian fighters.
36) Russia's ability to support Ossetian and Abkhazian independence reflects, in some sense, its current financial independence from the United States and Europe.
Russian forces also moved into the Georgian town of Zugdidi and seized police stations, while their Abkhazian separatist allies took control of the nearby village of Kurga, said Georgia's Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili.