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an autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea

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(77) Throughout the conflict, the Security Council issued resolutions "condemn[ing] any attempts to change the demographic compilation of Abkhazia" (78) in response to the vast changes in ethnic makeup caused by the conflict.
According to the leader of the five Danish observers in Abkhazia, Soren Dickman, the kidnapping happened when they were on their way to carry out a patrol.
During the Abkhazian unrest in 1992, Georgian military forces entered Abkhazia to restore central government authority.
The "exploits" committed by Armenians in Abkhazia during the years of war are well known.
He said that Abkhazia struggled to gain its independence and persevered thanks to the will of its people and the support of countries that supported it like Russia and Syria, asserting that Abkhazia seeks to develop relations with Syria in all their various fields.
24 is also now considered a turning point for Abkhazia. Moscow has carried its political, military, human and economic moves against Ankara well outside the borders of the Russian Federation to Abkhazia.
The new leadership of Abkhazia may create more trouble with Georgia through skirmishes or tensions across the non-border between the two polities, or by harassing the remaining ethnic Georgians in Abkhazia.
The president dismissed rumors that he had fled Abkhazia, saying, "I haven't left.
Abkhazia, uncontrolled by the Georgian central authorities, where numerous cases of intoxication with polluted water were reported.
Gerard Depardieu is at the centre of yet another political controversy after visiting Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia to meet the separatists' leaders - despite it being a crime in (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/486215/20130703/georgia-tbilisi-saakashvili-ivanahisvili-merabishvili-elections.htm) Georgia .
Russia has pledged to further support the breakaway regions of of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on the anniversary of its war with Georgia.
Summary: <p>Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia accused Tbilisi on Thursday of trying to suffocate the Black Sea territory and threatened a "proportionate response" to a Georgian blockade in which two ships have been seized this week.AaGeorgia has stepped up efforts to isolate Abkhazia and another breakaway region, South Ossetia, since a five-day war with Russia last August.
The systematic killing of the Kosovo-Albanian population through the Serbian army cannot be compared to the actions of the Georgian army, neither in South ossetia nor in Abkhazia. But the three states can be compared in several other fields.
"It's going to be eight participants, no countries, no names," Maxim Gvindzhiya, the deputy foreign minister of Abkhazia's separatist government told reporters on his arrival in Geneva.
Russian troops yesterday closed five posts in western Georgia that Moscow had promised to dismantle and left in the direction of the Abkhazia rebel region.Russian troops closed camps in Nabada and Patara Poti, outside the strategic Georgian port of Poti, as well as in Teklati and Pirveli Maisi, near the town of Senaki, and Russian columns were seen heading towards Abkhazia.The camp at Nabada, which had been used to monitor maritime traffic from Poti, counts as two posts according to the agreement between Russia and the European Union in which Moscow agreed to dismantle the posts.