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nonresinous wood of a fir tree

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We also sequenced the partial rbcL gene (size = 1331 bp) from the five Abies species. PCR primers for rbcL were designed in the coding region, based on the sequence of the Pinus thunbergii gene published by Wakasugi et al.
We found five, six, two, and seven variants of coxI-HindIII, coxI-HhaI, coxI-SmaI, and coxIII-HindIII polymorphisms, respectively, among the five Abies species. Polymorphism of coxI (He = 0.704) was greater than that of coxIII (He = 0.519).
The derived gene diversity coefficients of the five Abies species were HT = 0.715, HS = 0.317, and HP = 0.130 (Table 2).
mariesii populations were found to have a fixed haplotype (V) and to be very different from populations of the other four Abies species [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED].
For this analysis of Abies species, we have therefore used the same method as Strauss et al.