Abies alba

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tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark

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Silver fir trunk extract (SFTE) contains a complex mixture of bioactive polyphenols from the trunk of the silver fir tree (Abies alba), of which the main constituents are catechins, phenolic acids and lignans.
2014): 5 kg of the ground trunk of the silver fir (Abies alba Mill., checked with www.theplantlist.org) was extracted with 25 l of water at 70[degrees]C for 2 h.
Magn.--2: ramas de Abies alba (930159, 930162, 930181);--1: ramas y ramitas de Pinus uncinata (930134, 930135, 930137).
2008: Light-dependent growth responses of young Abies alba to simulated ungulate browsing.--Functional Ecology 22: 48-57.
In this zone Abies alba, Abies cephalonica and Abies pinsapo are common, as well as two spontaneous hybrids: hybrid of silver fir and Greek fir: Abies borisii regis (A.
Contrary to spruce silver fir Abies alba belongs to the regularly browsed coniferous tree species in the European mountain forests (Motta 1996, Senn & Suter 2003, Heuze et al.