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an ancient Greek colony on the Asiatic side of the Dardanelles

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Louing Hero, how euer altered, had a smack of loue stil, & therefore to the coast of louing-land (to Yarmouth neere adioyning, & within her liberties of Kirtley roade) she accustomed to come in pilgrimage euery yeare, but contentions arising there, and shee remembering the euent of the contentions betwixt Sestos and Abidos, that wrought both Leanders death and hers.
THE Abidos Hotels have confirmed their participation at the Arabian Travel Market 2013 for the first time.
OAs BTHROs aggressive growth strategy propels the companyOs portfolio forward, with a significant pipeline of projects in China, the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia, AbidOs knowledge and expertise in hotel operations and infrastructure will be invaluable,O said Banyan Tree Executive Chairman Ho Kwon Ping.
(2.) Youth of a Woman (Shabab imra'a), directed by Saleh Abu Sayf (Cairo: Aflam Jamal al-Laythi, 1956); I Want a Solution (Uridu hallan), directed by Said Marzouk (Cairo: Aflam Jamal al-Laythi, 1975); A File in Vice (Malafffi al-adab), directed by Atif al-Tayyeb (Cairo: Abidos Film & Wahid Hamed, 1986); and Dreams of Hind and Camelia (Ahlam Hind wa Kamila), directed by Muhammad Khan (1988; Seattle, WA: Arab Film Distributors, 1989).
According to the head of the projects sector, the end of this year will see the completion and opening of several projects, including the project to develop the whole pyramids area of Giza, and the Museum of Abidos, which needs about EGP 8m to complete, next to Sohag Museum which still need EGP 20m.