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black hornless breed from Scotland

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The payments are being offered to increase the number of Aberdeen Angus cattle in the UK following the retailer's commitment to source all their Finest range beef from the Aberdeen Angus breed.
The UK sells six times more Aberdeen Angus meat than the country produces so it was important for us to find a really authentic source of supply," said MKG marketing manager, Philip Mayling.
Heifers topped at PS1270 for a Limousin from Bell, Haas Grove, Aberdeen Angus sold to PS1050 from Henderson, Kirkbride, Dumfries.
Leading prices: Heifers: Limousin PS1350 (x2), PS1200 (x2) Croft House Farm, PS1350, PS1260 Newby Farm, PS1235, PS1140 Town End Farm, PS1165 Hargill House, PS1150 Shillafield, PS1150 First Street, PS1130 (x2) Park House, Beef Shorthorn PS1265, PS1235, PS1145 Glencoyne, PS1200, PS1110 Bays Leap Farm House, British Blue PS1190 Sandbed, PS1110, PS1055 (x4) New Bampton Farm, PS1090 Bays Leap Farm House, PS1035 Yew Tree Farm, PS1030 Heatheridge Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS1170, PS1090 Town End Farm, PS925 Firs Street, Charolais PS1060 Wham Head Farm, Holstein Friesian PS920 Bays Leap Farm House.
MAINS Four Truly Irresistible Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers (454g), pounds 4 or three for pounds 10.
Willie Ritch and his father, George, raise their cattle - a cross of Aberdeen Angus and Limousin - at Fingask Farm on the outskirts of Aberdeen.
Support is growing for traditional native breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Hereford as farmers look for ways to supply quality British beef that meets both the taste and value demands of a discerning British public.
Bosses at the Queen Mum's former Castle of Mey home paid more than pounds 9000 for young Aberdeen Angus bull Skaill Duke.
Steve now shares his time between Hamiltons and H, both of which offer the popular Aberdeen Angus burger which is handmade by Steve and his kitchen staff using the finest Aberdeen Angus minced beef.
A BURGER chain giant has been accused of misleading the public by adding Aberdeen Angus to its menu.
The Welsh Blacks were a popular choice as winners with Aberdeen Angus chosen as reserve by the judge Meuric Rees.
Among a range of new products being introduced by Canterbury Foods at this year's IFE is a premium Aberdeen Angus quarter-pound burger.
Dehra and her father, Desmond Mackey, farm on the urban fringe of Lisburn, Co Antrim, with the Moneybroom Pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd as their main enterprise.
Leading prices per head Steers: British Blue PS1225 Belzies, Limousin PS1220, PS1200, PS1090, PS1050, PS1020 Purdomstone, PS1195, PS1030 Laverockhall, PS940, PS930, PS910 Capelfoot, PS940, PS930, PS920, PS910 Mosshead Farm, PS940 Newfield Farm, PS910 Capelfoot, PS890 Penlaw, PS880, PS870 Hunthills, PS870 Greenfield, Charolais PS1000 Craigielandshill, Shorthorn PS990 Greenfield, Aberdeen Angus PS850 Capelfoot.
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