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black hornless breed from Scotland

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"While breeders were buying to a budget, it was great to see the Aberdeen Angus breed attract the top prices with averages up on the year, including a 100 per cent clearance for Angus females.
Leading prices: Steers: Limousin PS1090 (x2) Kirkhouse Dairy, PS1055, PS1030, PS1020 (x2), PS1010 The Laws, PS1000, PS910, PS900 Keepershield Farm, PS900 Field Garth, PS870 Walloway, PS770 (x2) High Street, Charolais PS1005 PS795 Garvilland, PS725 Whiteside, British Blue PS870 (x2) Heather House, PS830 (x2) Beck Farm, PS765 Middle Brownrigg, PS700 Well Head Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS850 Kimberley Avenue, PS805 (x3), PS805, PS775 (x2) Cold Harbour Farm, Shorthorn PS820 Garvilland, PS700 Nutholm, Hereford PS680, PS640 Field Garth, Holstein PS650 (x2) Old Graitney, PS440 (x5) Kirkandrews Moat, PS440 Beck Farm, PS420 (x5) Pennine View.
"This increase in price and our investment in Aberdeen Angus beef not only demonstrates our commitment to British agriculture, but also means we can offer our customers some of the best produce British farmers have to offer."
After scouring Scotland for his pure Aberdeen Angus, the farmer eventually got his bull at a sale down the road.
The new product brings certified Aberdeen Angus quality to restaurants and wine bars in a pure beef product with just a little added seasoning.
The Aberdeen Angus also needs its head trimmed and part of the tail clipped.
Looking to the future, Hamish said: "Although both our children have moved away from farming, I feel very passionate about giving young people a chance, not only within the Aberdeen Angus breed but in the wider industry."
He said: "The dispersal sales of pedigree cattle represent a great chance for buyers to source top class Aberdeen Angus and Simmental genetics."
Heifers: Charolais PS570, Hillcrest, PS470 East Newbiggin, Hereford PS515 East Newbiggin, PS380 Park House, British Blue PS505, PS490 (x2), PS482, PS470, PS465, PS455, PS445, PS440, PS425 Smalmstown Farm, PS495 Flatt Bank, PS485, PS465, PS435, PS400, PS390 Netherfield Farm, PS485, PS435, PS415 Woodhouse, PS420 Park House, Limousin PS475 North Greenhill, PS455 East Newbiggin, PS440 Grange Farm, PS362 Southernby Hall, PS360, PS345 Springfield Farm, PS345 Brackenhow, Aberdeen Angus PS360, PS305 Smalmstown Farm, PS350 Whitrigg Grange, PS35 Beckside, PS300, PS275, PS250, PS240, PS220 Meinfoot Farm, PS260 Townfoot Farm, PS245 Laggonmore, PS215 Geltside Farm, Simmental PS360, PS350, PS330, PS320 Palace Farm, PS350 White House Farm.
While in Scotland Joe worked with the Berwickshire farm's pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd and 1,800-strong sheep flock.
WAITROSE have slashed the price of British beef products by 50 per cent with 24 Hereford meatballs (400g) and Four Aberdeen Angus beef quarterpounders (454g) both down from PS4.39 to PS2.19.
Willie Ritch and his father, George, raise their cattle - a cross of Aberdeen Angus and Limousin - at Fingask Farm on the outskirts of Aberdeen.
Some 45 per cent of the cattle are Aberdeen Angus, which is sold as a premium product from service counters, while Hereford makes up a further 15 per cent, sold through pre-packs.
Skaill Duke, an Aberdeen Angus bull, was bought to fertilise the pedigree herd at the Castle of Mey - the late Queen Mother's former home near John O'Groats.
Bosses at the Queen Mum's former Castle of Mey home paid more than pounds 9000 for young Aberdeen Angus bull Skaill Duke.
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