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a town in western Washington

a town in northeastern South Dakota

a town in northeastern Maryland

a city in northeastern Scotland on the North Sea

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Here are previous results: Feb 20 1926 3rd rd Aberdeen 2-2 St Johnstone Feb 24 1926 3rd rd replay St Johnstone 0-0 Aberdeen Mar 1 1926 3rd Rd 2nd replay Aberdeen 1-0 St Johnstone Feb 22 1936 3rd rd Aberdeen 1-1 St Johnstone Feb 26 1936 3rd rd replay St Johnstone 0-1 Aberdeen Feb 12 1938 2nd rd Aberdeen 5-1 St Johnstone Feb 28 1959 3rd rd St Johnstone 1-2 Aberdeen Mar 13 1963 2nd rd St Johnstone 1-2 Aberdeen Feb 18 1967 2nd rd Aberdeen 5-0 St Johnstone Feb 27 1978 4th rd Aberdeen 3-0 St Johnstone Jan 30 1988 3rd rd St Johnstone 0-1 Aberdeen Mar 12 1994 5th rd St Johnstone 1-1 Aberdeen Mar 15 1994 5th Rd replay Aberdeen 2-0 St Johnstone Jan 8 2002 3rd rd St Johnstone 0-2 Aberdeen
Pervasive Software understands the challenges of low-IT environments and consistently rates extremely well according to Aberdeen's recommended database evaluation criteria," said Wayne Kernochan, managing vice president, databases, development environments and software infrastructure at Aberdeen Group.
Aberdeen also noted that a traditional invoice costs anywhere from $28 to $34 to process, but that telecom invoices present unique challenges, and costs to process these invoices run from $63 to $70.
Aberdeen 2, Rangers 3; Aberdeen 1, Rangers 1; Aberdeen 0, Rangers 0; Aberdeen 1, Rangers 2; Aberdeen 1, Rangers 3; Aberdeen 3, Rangers 2; Aberdeen 2 Rangers 0; Aberdeen 1, Rangers 2; Aberdeen 2 Rangers 0; Aberdeen 1, Rangers 1.
Inventory has been and continues to be the lifeblood of supply chains," said Nari Viswanathan, research director, supply chain at Aberdeen Group.
With the trend towards outsourcing, emerging international markets, the mid-market opportunity for cost savings, Aberdeen is in the best position to help the industry.
R1: Akranes (Ice) 1, Aberdeen 3; Aberdeen 4, Akranes 1 (agg: 7-2)
As previously announced, Aberdeen has created a new financial instrument that provides secured convertible loans where the coupon is paidthrough a combination of a fixed interest rate and a Net Smelter Return (NSR) royalty which is tied to the price of gold and escalates as the price of gold moves higher.
In the event that the Northwest operations are not successfully acquired, Simmer & Jack will pay back all funds advanced by Aberdeen on or before December 31, 2005.
In the "Contract Management Solution Selection Report," Aberdeen predicts that contract lifecycle management (CLM) application revenues will increase 27% this year, and maintain year-over-year growth rates above 20% through 2008, when Aberdeen expects the market for CLM applications and services to top $1.
Although technology has enhanced hourly hiring practices, performance management, and employee scheduling, according to Aberdeen research, today's workforce management policies, procedures, and technologies are often poorly integrated, reducing retailers' success in optimizing labor force investments.
Between April and June 2005, Aberdeen reviewed accounts payable programs from over 25 organizations and built on its previous research of more than 700 programs.
BOSTON -- With the hiring of two procurement and supply management industry veterans, Aberdeen Group, Inc.
Aberdeen Group Report "Process Manufacturing Excellence" Details How Best-in-Class Companies are Rapidly and Profitably Responding to Customer and Market Demand
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