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a member of the Algonquian people of Maine and southern Quebec


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14) By 1749 a century of English settlement expansion and five periods of warfare had forced many Abenaki family bands to relocate repeatedly to the Canadian refugee villages, resulting in considerable intermarriage between the various villages.
Presentations by the Dawnland Singers typically include new and traditional northeastern Native music mixed with Abenaki storytelling.
The state of being is expressed in the invention of the character Young Hunter, who offers the best elements of Abenaki society.
Canadian Superior's "Marquis Project" represents an Abenaki gas play Offshore Nova Scotia which is a proven play type in the area.
She was a member of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation, Republic of Missisquoi.
On the educational front, APTN is offering up two brand-new shows-Closer to Home, a how-to series hosted by actor and home builder Wayne Baker that provides tips and advice on home maintenance for people living on reserve, and Wlipogwad, a cooking show hosted by two young chefs, one Abenaki and one from Quebec, who create meals that combine their different cultures.
Edward Lockwood has been president of two banks (Trade Union Savings in Massachusetts and the late Abenaki Bank in New Hampshire) and is now a financial consultant with Wachovia Securities in Portsmouth.
A heavy percussion background making appropriate animal, nature and human sounds creates a greater impression than a stage full of props and actors as the two-person cast cavorts and gyrates to the stirring narrative of Alanis Obomsawin, an Abenaki story-teller.
Abenaki businessman Roger Obonsawin told the chiefs he believes the government of Canada has declared war on Aboriginal rights and is seeking to severely limit or eliminate them.
And the 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award of the Native Writers' Circle of the Americas has been awarded to the Abenaki writer and editor Joseph Bruchac.
In the chapter on Odanak, Calloway draws on his extensive knowledge of Abenaki history to make a key point: In British documents, Odanak appears to be the center of the Abenaki world, but other sources tell us that it was to a large extent peripheral.
In addition to Canadian Superior's "Mariner" exploration project targeting Cretaceous gas bearing sands located approximately nine kilometres northeast of Sable Island, Offshore Nova Scotia, which encompasses an offshore area of 101,800 acres and directly offsets five significant gas discoveries near Sable Island, including the ExxonMobil Venture natural gas field, we continue to work on our Abenaki Reef "Marquis" project and our "Mayflower" deepwater project.
Krouse, 23, of 6 Abenaki Road, Northboro, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or .
Although he is traditionally accepted without question as one of the genuine heroes of Colonial history, Rogers's Abenaki and French foes quite naturally regarded him and his backwoods commandos in quite a different light.
Rumors were circulating that Abenaki businessman Roger Obonsawin, partner in the OI Group of Companies in Toronto, would foot the bill for the Ottawa meeting.