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a member of the Algonquian people of Maine and southern Quebec


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Somebody [Florens 39] goes on an old Abenaki trail: the Abenaki lived in the NY/VT/CT/lower Canada region.
The mountain, Banks makes clear, is a "monadnock," the Abenaki word for erosion-resistant hill.
The Abenaki, francophones for the most part, settled along the St.
Fiddlehead fern collection is documented for several Native American groups, including primarily the Abenaki Indians of New En[micro]Land and Malecite of New Brunswick.
For my research visit this past April 4 to 6, Canadian Museum of Civilization staff had laid out dozens of Abenaki wood-splint baskets as well as the wooden moulds used to guide the weavers.
As the Abenaki storyteller and writer Joseph Bruchac has said: "deep knowledge is necessary for anyone (Native or non-Native) to write well about those essential building blocks of Native American cultures--the words of their elders, the traditional stories told to their children" (Bruchac qtd.
The Abenaki Indians drank hemlock-bark tea for colds, fever, diarrhea, and other ailments, and there's reason to believe that the brook water we drink, filtered through the sand and gravel of a cistern bordering our brook, is tinctured with hemlock.
the Taino, Abenaki, and Ojibwa, before the Europeans arrived.
Daughter of the Morning Star" is a novel following Mary, a former white woman among the Abenaki Indians as she returns to Salem.
This student-led class included a practical component that gave students enrolled in the course the opportunity to get directly involved in two local environmental justice battles: one to eliminate lead poisoning and the other to work with the local Abenaki community on water quality issues.
A portion of his ancestral blood can be traced to the Abenaki tribe of the Algonquian peoples of northeastern North America, located in area call the "Wabanaki" (Dawn Land) Region, also know as New England, Quebec and the Maritimes.
I spoke with the anthology's editor, Joe Bruchac, a mixed-blood Abenaki, who'd selected the story.
Take the local Abenaki Indian tribe, who oppose development of a mall; an elderly eugenics expert; and a genetic diagnostician whose daughter sees ghosts--and past and present, love and loss, collide.
Also, we thank the local health officers who participated in this study, particularly the following who provided invaluable insight during selection of the sampling sites: Seacoast Family YMCA staff (Greenland), Abenaki Ski Area staff (Wolfeboro), Forest Society Conservation Center staff (Concord), Peter Lamb, Lloyd Draper, Bryan Boyers, Michael Kennard, Margo Connors, and Ron Wert.
Roubaud found what solace he could in the fact that his missionized Abenaki took no part.