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Norwegian mathematician (1802-1829)

(Old Testament) Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve born after the Fall of Man

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It was a wine-and-cheese kind of place, and they needed something that would fit in with wine and cheese," Abel said.
Paul also recruited Tim Bedore, another friend from their San Francisco days, and Kelly McDonald, whom Abel had met on a cruise ship eight or nine years ago.
Paul and McDonald have one kid apiece, Bedore has two and Abel has three, so they're never at a loss for domestic material.
3) Both Cain and Abel gave sacrificial gifts to God and Abel's was accepted above that of Cain.
4) And lo, when they were in the field, Cain's field, with grain to be protected, Abel came with his sheep or goats to graze on the fields of Cain.
44) Although there is no direct evidence to establish the point, the Indiana Company case - and the broader problems of land ownership in northwestern Virginia that it reflected may well have helped to discourage Abel from putting down permanent roots in the vicinity of Clarksburg.
As the time to move drew near, Abel grew increasingly uneasy.
Additional information regarding Abel Solutions, Inc.
Abel Solutions combines outstanding technical expertise and a proven development methodology to help corporate and government organizations leverage the Internet to achieve marketing, communication, and process efficiency goals.
Abel Solutions has created valuable and measurable solutions for many clients including E*Trade, Pfizer, Siemens, BellSouth, MCI, Nextel, Goldleaf Technologies, Oglethorpe Power, The State of Georgia and Equifax.
NET for this project as this technology provides a framework for faster development, greater reliability, and greater levels of integration," said Kevin Abel, President of Abel Solutions.
We have worked very hard to reach this position where we have the technical and business capability to take on such an important project," added Abel.
and General Manager of DNA says, "Kane and Abel are an innovative rap duo, and we applaud this new partnership.
Kane & Abel have sold over 1 million copies combined of previous albums The 7 Sins (No Limit, 1996), Am I My Brothers Keeper (No Limit, 1998), and Rise to Power (Most Wanted/Elektra, 1999).