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United States biochemist who discovered cortisone (1886-1972)

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Currently, serum or plasma cholesterol concentrations are measured via automated enzymatic analyses that provide results that are very comparable with those obtained with the Abell-Kendall method. The CDC uses the ultracentrifugation step because heparin-manganese chloride precipitation does not always remove all lipoproteins containing apolipoprotein B, especially in samples from patients with marked hypertriglyceridemia.
The method for total cholesterol measurement regularly checked for accuracy against the CDC-certified Abell-Kendall method (Lipid Reference Laboratory, Rotterdam) in the framework of a specific Dutch cholesterol standardization program gave observed biases <1.2%.
These "calibrators" were also assayed by the Abell-Kendall method [8].
The accuracy of the ENA.C.T test devices was established by direct comparison with the Abell-Kendall method, both procedures being used to assay fresh patients' samples.
The average bias of the ENA.C.T Total Cholesterol Test for all four clinical sites combined, at the medical decision levels of 2000 and 2400 mg/L, were 1.6% and 0.9%, respectively, in comparison with the values determined by the Abell-Kendall method.