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United States biochemist who discovered cortisone (1886-1972)

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Currently, serum or plasma cholesterol concentrations are measured via automated enzymatic analyses that provide results that are very comparable with those obtained with the Abell-Kendall method.
However, bias between the ID/MS method and the Abell-Kendall method is only a few percent, not the nearly 40% the IFCC mass spectrometry method appears to have relative to the DCCT BioRex 70 method.
The method for total cholesterol measurement regularly checked for accuracy against the CDC-certified Abell-Kendall method (Lipid Reference Laboratory, Rotterdam) in the framework of a specific Dutch cholesterol standardization program gave observed biases <1.
These "calibrators" were also assayed by the Abell-Kendall method [8].
T test devices was established by direct comparison with the Abell-Kendall method, both procedures being used to assay fresh patients' samples.