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Dutch navigator who was the first European to discover Tasmania and New Zealand (1603-1659)

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Abel Tasman was last seen finishing a fair fourth to Master Carpenter at Goodwood last month, when the slight ease in the ground perhaps did not totally play in his favour.
I knew Reride was a nice horse, but she held her own (with Abel Tasman)," Baffert said.
There is the option to walk up an appetite, swim in the bay or relax on the sundeck at Torrent Bay Lodge and soak up the tranquility of Abel Tasman National Park.
The offer also includes 12 days car hire, Seals and Beach Walk Cruise and Walk Abel Tasman Tour, and return flights from Manchester with Emirates.
Trampers probably best know of French explorer Dumont d'Urville (1790-1842) through the names he left behind on Nelson's Abel Tasman coastline.
WDutch explorer Abel Tasman, the first European to land here, originally named the island in honour of Anthony van Diemen, Governor General of the Dutch East Indies.
The adventure concludes with an unforgettable run along the world-famous Abel Tasman Coastal Track, the ultimate bush and beach-running experience New Zealand has to offer.
The southernmost Australians dealt with the problem in 1856 by changing their island's name from Van Diemen's Land (he was a former governor of the Dutch East Indies) to Tasmania (Abel Tasman was simply an explorer, and safely dead by then).
According to the research, New Zealand was placed on the map by Abel Tasman in 1642, but he has never landed on the island.
The book starts with the Dutch Abel Tasman's 1642 "discovery" of New Zealand and ends with the 6 February 1840 signing of the Treaty of Waitangi between Maori and the British Crown.
In 1642, Dutch navigator Abel Tasman sighted present-day New Zealand.
But this girl's father is the seafaring explorer, Abel Tasman, and their affectionate relationship gives this tale of exploration around Australia and its near neighbours a very human appeal, as well as the added dimensions of original maps, drawings and paintings to give it life.
THE SCULPTURE is situated along a sculpture trail at Arts Unique, an outdoor sculpture garden near the entrance of the Abel Tasman National Park in South Island, New Zealand.
The Dutch-owned 9,500-tonne FV Margiris, recently reflagged as the Abel Tasman, is currently docked at Port Lincoln in South Australia and was preparing to set sail.
They must wait days, weeks, months and sometimes years for the return of the sailor, the father/husband Abel Tasman who will return eventually and regale them with stories of all he has seen and done on the amazing voyages he has made amongst the myriad islands his ships visit.