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Norwegian mathematician (1802-1829)

(Old Testament) Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve born after the Fall of Man

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Mr Abel will place his name against the other wafer, repeating the same cabalistic words, and the business is over.
There was a short silence, apparently, while Mr Abel went through the prescribed form, and then the shaking of hands and shuffling of feet were renewed, and shortly afterwards there was a clinking of wine-glasses and a great talkativeness on the part of everybody.
Mr Abel, who had a quaint old-fashioned air about him, looked nearly of the same age as his father, and bore a wonderful resemblance to him in face and figure, though wanting something of his full, round, cheerfulness, and substituting in its place a timid reserve.
Having seen the old lady safely in her seat, and assisted in the arrangement of her cloak and a small basket which formed an indispensable portion of her equipage, Mr Abel got into a little box behind which had evidently been made for his express accommodation, and smiled at everybody present by turns, beginning with his mother and ending with the pony.
He had no sixpence, neither had the old lady, nor Mr Abel, nor the Notary, nor Mr Chuckster.
Most recently, Abel was VP/GM for Apex Broadcasting where he managed radio stations in Charleston, South Carolina and Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Abel managing director Trent Cowen stated that the ambition of the move and the new investment is to expand the company s current turnover by countering the clout of some of its bigger competitors.
Readers will be eagerly awaiting the next adventure featuring Joe Rush, but it's difficult to imagine how Abel will be able to top this winner.
Having put down 700,000 US dollars as a deposit, Abel has just 30 days to close the transaction or the vendor keeps the downpayment and can sell the land to a competitor.
Abel, who had a disability and could not walk without crutches, did not have his crutches with him, the sheriff's office said.
Abel, 84, and Margaret, 80, of Zetland Court, Dundas Street, Saltburn, were married on May 25, 1953, at St Leonard's Church, Loftus.
Abel perfected the recipe with the help of John Connell, who was crowned North East Chef of the Year last year, and impressed the judges with his ability to cook with a wide range of herbs and spices.
The targets of the ALi - Abel integration are indeed to enable operators lower cost STB models, lower Minimum-Order-Quantity, consistent STB software quality and wide choice of STBs.
Debbie became interested in Abel Hold after finding one of his son Ben's paintings, which she has at home.
Abel leaves behind many beloved nieces, nephews, and in-laws.