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16th President of the United States

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Abe Lincoln, who completed a double for Ryan Moore and Jeremy Noseda when winning the 1m2f handicap off a mark of 95, has already competed at the biggest arena of them all, finishing a narrowly beaten runner-up in the 2016 Britannia Handicap at Royal Ascot.
DAVID GERMAIN AP BELLA SWAN, James Bond and Abe Lincoln have combined to lift Hollywood to record Thanksgiving revenue at the box office.
James Warner in which they chastised THE NEW AMERICAN for criticism of Presidents John Adams, Abe Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt.
Can someone tell me why Kenneth Brannah was playing Abe Lincoln in London?
AXES OF EVIL J The president goes vampire stalking FATHER FIGURE n Benjamin Walker as Abe Lincoln
My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln: A Tale of Two Boys From Indiana" is a juvenile book of historical fiction about the young Abe Lincoln.
While Sam Harding is a fictional character and not all the passages in this book are true, My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln is based on historical details.
Dubner uses his New Fork Times blog to sniff at the "nostalgia" "inertia," and "ridiculous pro-penny defenses" of Abe Lincoln fans stricken with "pennycitis," opining that pennies are best used as floor tiling at hipster bars in Manhattan's meatpacking district.
Ignoring available legal protections for your company is not good business management, just as my Abe Lincoln bank failed to protect my growing cash reserves as a young boy.
His first role on Broadway came in 1938 at the age of 20, playing opposite Raymond Massey, who was Lincoln in Abe Lincoln in Illinois.
Sherwood's Abe Lincoln in Illinois), on screen (TV's "Gore Vidal's Lincoln") and in exhibition (as Abe's voice at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia).
The next major dramatization of Lincoln was Abe Lincoln in Illinois, a 1938 play by Robert E.
It's a reasonable adventure movie with Cage's Ben Gates trying to clear an old relative of plotting to kill Abe Lincoln.
Grandma tells them the stories of how some famous Americans like Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Helen Keller and others have taken their lives in poverty to become successful.