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Station House Officer (SHO) Taimuria Nawaz Brohi told Express News that Sabat Noor's first wife, in her statement to the police, had told investigating officers that she had received a phone call from Noor, and the kidnappers had also sent her photos of her husband through a messaging application in which Noor looked badly shaken up, and was saying that his abductors were forcing him to get married.
SHO Shakardara after receiving information about the abduction along with six policemen had chased the vehicle of abductors and after hard struggle arrested both the abductors and the girl.
Shakardara station house officer, after receiving information about the abduction, constituted a team of six policemen who chased the vehicle of the abductors and managed to arrest both the abductors and the kidnapped girl.
He noted that the engineer was working in a project to supply water to the farms in Hamoun town in the Southeastern province of Sistan and Balochestan, adding that the abductors had contacted his family and demanded money.
When Pakistani forces freed a Canadian-American family this fall held captive by militants, they also captured one of the abductors.
Mohamed Zingizi said he was taken back to his house by his abductors on Wednesday at around 4 am.
Karachi -- Police have foiled a bid to abduct a woman from an ambulance and nabbed 4 abductors in Orangi town .
A Vietnamese national escaped from his Abu Sayyaf abductors in Ungkaya Pukan town in Basilan on Friday morning.
Sherri Papini could not describe her abductors as they hid their faces from the 34-year-old when her head wasn't covered, authorities reportedly said.
Naseebullah Baloch, who was kidnapped 15 days ago from the area, was taken to Prom area of Panjgur by the abductors.
Summary: A Jordanian national managed to escape from his abductors in northeast Lebanon Monday, days after being kidnapped, a security source told The Daily Star.
Summary: The abductors made a call to the victim's father demanding Rs100 million ransom
Howell and coworkers postulated that an underlying pathologic process of ischemia at the vascular watershed of the anterior intertrochanteric line resulted in degenerative changes within the capsule and tendinous insertion of the abductors, leading to an eventual tear.
Immediately, the army exchanged fire with the abductors whereupon the abductee Youssof has been wounded and the abductor has been arrested at the time that the abductor's companion made his way away.
NEW YORK, May 6 (KUNA) -- The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) on Tuesday appealed to the abductors of eight more girls in Nigeria to release them immediately and unharmed, and to those with influence on them to convince them to heed the appeal.