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Therefore, Ethibond is often used for reattachment of the abductor muscles, the capsule, and the external rotators in THA [3, 4].
Therefore, preoperative exercise programs should target not only hip abductor muscle strengthening, but also knee muscle strengthening to improve ambulation ability.
The insertion of this nail is performed from proximal lateral side through abductor muscles. There is a discussion if this circumstance could compromise the function of the abductor muscles and cause limping.
From these figures, the investigators were able to estimate peak hip abductor muscles activity during the gait cycle.
Tapping the knee should cause a stretch in the quadriceps muscle, and tapping the inner thigh should cause a stretch in the abductor muscles. The inner thigh test should cause a contraction in both legs.
In another study, runners with iliotibial band syndrome were found to have weaker hip abductor muscles on the injured side compared to their uninjured side.