musculus abductor hallucis

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the abductor muscle of the great toe

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Several proximally based muscle flaps from the foot have been developed, including the abductor hallucis muscle, abductor digiti minimi muscle, extensor digitorum brevis muscle, and flexor digitorum brevis muscle island pedicle flaps.
For MCV of the post-tibial nerves, supra maximal stimuli were applied to the ankle and knee, and the compound muscle action potential was recorded from surface electrodes placed over the abductor hallucis muscle.
2004) reported that a single 20 min NMES session of the abductor hallucis muscle in the foot induced immediate specific changes in baropodogram indices, some of which persisted 2 months later.
The peroneal musculature is involved in releve (14) and there is a relationship between hallux valgus and the partial functional loss of the abductor hallucis muscle.
Then the abductor hallucis muscle was identifieid on the medial side of foot and released completely from its origin or even excised.
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