abdominal cavity

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the cavity containing the major viscera

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(23-25) There are anecdotal reports of young female patients presenting with disseminated disease in the form of multiple masses in the abdominopelvic cavity, resembling disseminated leiomyomatosis or carcinomatosis clinically.
US and CT suggested mild renal hydronephrosis, massive effusion of abdominopelvic cavity. Cr of blood and ascites increased significantly.
Melamed, "Imaging appearance of solitary fibrous tumor of the abdominopelvic cavity," Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, vol.
News, I described the controversy concerning electromechanical power morcellation freely in the abdominopelvic cavity. I also discussed the risks, as noted in the literature, of spreading an unsuspected leiomyosarcoma, and thus, upstaging the disease and lowering both the length of the disease-free state and the overall survival.