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Severe torso bleeding results in a mortality rate of greater than 40%, and any delays in surgery increase mortality.1,2 In the military, up to 50% of preventable deaths are attributed to abdominal hemorrhage.
On histopathology, all kites had advanced atherosclerotic lesions, with several birds presenting abdominal hemorrhage and aortic rupture.
After 3 days, she suffered a massive abdominal hemorrhage. When she woke from resuscitation, her weight had doubled.
The complication rate was 16% and included cases of anastomotic leakage (1.6%), wound infection (2.6%), pneumonia (1.9%), cardiac arrhythmia (1.7%), bowel obstruction (1.5%), urinary tract infection (1%), GI or abdominal hemorrhage (1.0%), and deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism (0.3%).
Tegumentary jaundice was present, as well as abdominal hemorrhage foci.