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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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As the abcess builds, your cat will tend to become lethargic and go off its food, and you may notice a painful swelling - typically around the head, on the tail base or on the legs.
However, early diagnosis and treatment are important, since sometimes the first sign may be life-threatening lung bleeding, stroke due to right-left shunt or brain abcess (3,4,8).
Abcess of psoas is an uncommon disease, frequently forgotten and can result from an extension of an adjacent infection: bone, genitourinary, intestinal or septic arthritis.
He had an abcess on his brain but is slowly recovering" John Fisher, son of trainer Roger, as Fisher snr's colours are carried to victory by Rare Coincidence at Cartmel.
He had a couple of good games when he came but he has had the odd niggle - a tooth abcess in the build-up to the London Irish game and trouble with his back the following week, which slowed him down a bit.
For example, under the entry for abscess, the usage note, which appears in italics before the definition, cautions the reader against the common misspellings absess and abcess.
Intraperitoneal air may also be caused by gas produced by bacteria in the appendicular abcess, (3,4) responsible, in our opinion, for the presence of gas within appendicular abscesses rather than in the free peritoneum.
9] reported formation of lung abcess due to dislodgment of the vegetation located on the tip of the lead as a pulmonary embolus while removal of the infected pacemaker lead transvenously.
There then followed a series of contacts with GPs, a hospital, a dentist and then NHS Direct again before he was rushed to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd because the abcess was blocking his windpipe.
Some people crabbed the form of that race, but Alamshar had missed training with an abcess on his foot and was not at his peak.
Having said that, he hadn't the ideal preparation, suffering an abcess on his foot, so he deserves a bit more praise than the bare result of his head victory.
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