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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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Maitland says that she had a migraine and a mouth abcess and was being looked after by her mum.
The acute orbit: preseptal (periorbital) cellulitis, subperiosteal abcess, and orbital cellulitis due to sinusitis.
He had a problem with a mouth abcess and didn't really get going at the end of last season.
Things got worse for Ashton yesterday however, after it emerged that giant loosehead prop Andrew Sheridan will miss the Roman encounter through a leg abcess.
Intraperitoneal air may also be caused by gas produced by bacteria in the appendicular abcess, (3,4) responsible, in our opinion, for the presence of gas within appendicular abscesses rather than in the free peritoneum.
Karl Spandl was rushed to hospital for surgery after a painful abcess developed on his nether regions.
Nothing has changed as Hansen finds herself nursing an abcess on her heel which was recently drained following a trip to South Africa.
2,3) The pathologic examination of the liver in brucellosis may reveal a variety of changes, including noncaseating granulomas, suppurative abcess or mononuclear cell infiltration.
Horace is off at the moment with a big abcess on his foot.
The axial images also provide detail regarding possible bone destruction, abcess formation, or subcutaneous emphysema.
Peter Owen, 19, from Old Colwyn, needed emergency surgery to remove a life-threatening abcess after being turned away by a number of surgeries.
A simple appendix operation in November caused an abcess, which she had removed at the North Manchester General Hospital.
And his Test tally would be even higher but for a colourful series of injuries and illnesses, including a groin strain aggravated by over-training, a bladder abcess and major knee surgery.