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a shortened form of a word or phrase

shortening something by omitting parts of it

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And then, if an abbreviation consists of only the primary part of a word, then again one affixes a full stop at the end.
They probably expect us radiologists to know all their terminology, including their abbreviations and acronyms.
The symbols and abbreviations used in primary NAPLAN numeracy tests (ACARA, 2010), can be categorised into five different groups:
A UK audit by the paediatric department at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood in November, found instances where abbreviations used had caused confusion because they had multiple interpretations.
However the usage of symbols and abbreviations help learners to write notes very quickly.
shortened forms which may be abbreviations or symbols, which can be further subdivided as mathematical (%, [therefore], [infinity], f( ), [+ or -], [integral], [there exists], [for all]); units of measurement, where any letters used are not italicised ($, cents, km, [cm.
And so, for works not on their very short list, MLA says that "you may use the abbreviations you find in your sources, or you may devise simple, unambiguous abbreviations of your own:' You see the problem here.
Text speak has become a way of life and it's possible to have a whole conversation just using acronyms and abbreviations," the Daily Express quoted the group's Sandra Quinn as saying.
We chose to use abbreviations in our point naming convention because of the limitations of existing HVAC control products.
The FDA recommended that the medications include a measuring device, with devices and directions using the same abbreviations and units of measurement and devices having only necessary markings and not holding much more than the largest dose described, and that abbreviations should be standard and defined and decimals or fractions should be used carefully.
PEOPLE with diabetes are at risk of serious harm due to errors through inappropriate abbreviations and illegible writing on their prescription charts, according to new findings.
The appendices are especially useful and numerous, including lists of standard medical abbreviations, normal laboratory values, a glossary of medical terminology, a list of oral dosage forms that should not be crushed or chewed, a list of drug names that look alike and sound alike, a list of discontinued drugs, common abbreviations of chemotherapy regimens, and contact information for manufacturers.
I have only about 1100 hours in my logbook, so I don't know all the abbreviations your cute and clever writing contributors "commit.
She discovered that people text in the same way as if they were talking, using unnecessary words such as 'oh', 'erm' and often use grammatical abbreviations like 'dunno'.
People have different abbreviations of words that the computer programme did not recognise as unique, such as the letter 'u' being used to represent the word 'you'.