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a shortened form of a word or phrase

shortening something by omitting parts of it

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To be fair, always assuming we want to be fair, no organization on earth could establish and maintain a list of unique abbreviations for every published work by every author in every modern language.
Most mathematics teachers will have experienced the confusion caused by symbols and abbreviations which are similar in appearance, although different in meaning.
Correct use of symbols, abbreviations, and conventions is particularly important in engineering, architectural, and medical fields where careless use of the symbolic language of mathematics could result in serious consequences.
When presented with a selection of abbreviations, the study authors found paediatric doctors agreed on the interpretation of 56-94%, while other healthcare professionals recognised only 31-63%.
London, Sept 6 (ANI): Abbreviations, which are usually popular among youngsters while text messaging, are now being used by half of people who are over 55-years of age.
The ISMP published a list of error-prone abbreviations that is more extensive than the Joint Commission's list.
After a few days these simpler abbreviations can be mastered.
After setting out a theoretical framework, she discusses abbreviations, blends, reduplicatives, minor phenomena, and extra-grammatical formations in use.
Millions of car buyers could be driving away with unsuitable vehicles because they cannot understand the abbreviations used in car adverts, according to AA Personal Loans.
Additionally, some abbreviations for vastly different drugs are similar.
The same abbreviations are also often used in public meetings - people may think we are talking in code
Covering polymers, the reference features short biographies of important and historically relevant people in the field, appendices containing symbols, units and abbreviations, data on material properties and properties of plane areas.
If the abbreviations ate just tricks to get straight people to accidentally support us because they get confused, I don't need that kind of support.
There are numerous abbreviations and acronyms that make it difficult to maintain the flow of the discussion.