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Synonyms for urokinase

protease produced in the kidney that converts plasminogen to plasmin and so initiates fibrinolysis

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0 million of Abbokinase, net of discounts and fees, to two of its primary wholesalers.
We believe that the shares represent an attractive value at current depressed levels based on current levels of Abbokinase sales, possible development of other indications for Abbokinase, and the potential market for the Company's microbubble technology.
In 2002 the company faces decisions by the FDA that will determine whether it can resume sales of some diagnostic products and Abbokinase.
Successfully completing the stability testing is a significant milestone for ImaRx and to the extent the results are accepted by the FDA, will allow the continued and uninterrupted sale of Abbokinase to our customers.
Abbokinase is the trade name for urokinase, an enzyme produced by human kidneys to lyse (dissolve) blood clots.