Abbe condenser

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a condenser having 2 or 3 lenses with wide aperture for use in microscopes

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Available in monocular, binocular and trinocular models, the instrument comes complete with achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40x(S) and 100x(S) oil), wide-field eyepieces, Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter, adjustable built-in, six-volt, 20-watt halogen lamp with variable intensity control, and coarse/fine adjustment with focus stop; an optional phase-contrast attachment is also available.
1) Optical system : Infinity optical system, 2) Microscope frame for transmitted microscopy with LED illuminator built in 0.5 W LED illumination System, 3) Stage height adjustment mechanism, 4) Movement distance per scale of fine adjustment knob 2.5 um, movement distance per round of fine adjustment knob 0.3 mm total movement raneg 15 mm, 5) Pre focusing kob provided tension of the coarse adjustment knob adjustable, Binocular tube field number 20 tube tilting angle 30 6) Abbe condenser n.a 1.25 aperture irls disphragm built in etc.
-Condenser =Type Abbe condenser, with built-in daylight filter
Focusing range-30mm Centerable ABBE Condenser, NA 1.25 with aspheric lens.
Features : UIS2 Plan Infinity Optics providing image flatness Seidentopf observation head for flatness, individual choice of adjustment, Anti-fungus treatment for component durability, High eye point design eyepiece (F.N.20), Interchangeability of Objectives, the abbe condenser & the light relay system fitted with high performance aspheric lenses For bright & uniform illumination, Window in arm & the Ergonomic design for user convenience.***