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Synonyms for abbreviation

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a shortened form of a word or phrase

shortening something by omitting parts of it

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While it was able to execute the data aggregation and transfer functions satisfactorily during an ABC process, the system was unable to perform the reverse calculation exercises for ABB. The data dissemination during the ABB calculation process resulted in a huge number of possible permutations, which decelerated the computations to an unacceptably slow speed.
'Our installation will help Gulf Ply to improve efficiency and ease of operation throughout the new mill with a solution that takes into account the specific needs and process requirements for a greenfield site,' said Ahmed Fathy, Regional Pulp and Paper Manager for ABB. 'We look forward to enabling a successful start-up for Gulf Ply's new mill as well as helping Gulf Ply optimize operations in the future.'
The facility upgrades third party medium voltage drives, as well as those of ABB. "Many operators across multiple industries are finding that their variable speed drives are no longer supported by the original vendor.
Peter Voser, chairman of ABB's board of directors, said, "The successful execution of our Next Level strategy to date has led to significantly improved operational and financial performance and a more externally focused, simpler ABB. The entire board worked with the management and external advisors on all elements of Stage 3, which will unlock value for customers and all shareholders while ensuring the company's long-term success."
The delegation included Carlo PoEe, CEO of ABB UAE and Head of Southern Gulf & Pakistan, and Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Executive Vice President for Strategic Partners at ABB.
The deal was carried out by ABB Technology Ventures, the venture capital unit of ABB.
The contribution would be derived from the sale of ABB Lummus Global assets within two years of the plan's effective date or by a direct contribution from ABB.
Some dealers also speculated the naming of Mr Kindle could lead to tension among top managers at ABB.
In fact, more than 75% of the world's pulp and paper mills are equipped or serviced by ABB. That says a lot about why companies choose us.
'Our goal with ABB Ability Asset Vista is to break down information silos between operations, automation and maintenance personnel, helping metals industry customers define a thorough predictive maintenance strategy,' says Tarun Mathur, Global Product Manager for Metals Digital at ABB.