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Synonyms for abattoir


Synonyms for abattoir

a building where animals are butchered

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He said the county has, for instance, twice tried to close the nine abattoirs at Kiamaiko but its efforts were thwarted by politicians owning them.
There are currently two licensed abattoirs in Hamala that pay us minimal licensing fees every year while making huge profits," he said.
Lors de cette reunion, qui a porte sur " la situation des abattoirs et les solutions urgentes a prendre", les ministres ont convenu que les abattoirs sont dans une situation deplorable, puisque la plupart ne repond pas aux conditions et normes les plus elementaires de sante, ce qui necessite de prendre egalement des mesures d'ordre strategique, a savoir la preparation d'un plan directeur de restructuration des abattoirs, et l'examen d'une nouvelle formule dans le cadre du partenariat public prive oo seulement du secteur prive ,pour l'exploitation des abattoirs.
He said the team will keep a watch on the cattle market and premises of the abattoirs where illegal street butchering services are likely to be offered to worshippers.
He said that the prices in the Al Quoz Abattoir are like in the rest of the abattoirs in the emirate and has not increased or changed because the work of the municipality in this area is a service and protection of the public health is not for profit.
The lawmakers who worked on the cross-party inquiry are proposing that surveillance cameras be required by law in 'all areas of abattoirs where live animals are handled', with funding provided for the devices at small plants.
The significant increase in heavy metal concentrations recorded in the rumen waste obtained from all the abattoir sites may be attributable to the type and the feeding patterns of the cattle slaughtered at the abattoirs.
63%) and buffaloes (5%) at public sector abattoirs than at private sector abattoirs, where prevalence of cysticercosiswas 1.
But it also found that many abattoirs are suffering from under-investment and underlying problems with profitability.
A shortage of skilled workers and the unwillingness of youngsters to take on family abattoirs are also highlighted by the study, carried out by Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC), the Welsh meat marketing body.
Tatura Abattoirs has more reason to celebrate today, with Deputy Premier and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan announcing a second Victorian Coalition Government grant for the company.
The official abattoirs have completed all the preparations to receive animals to be slaughtered during Ramadan, said Ahmed Hassan Shammari, Head of Abattoirs Section at Dubai Municipality.
OUR poll showing disapproval for abattoirs where animals are killed under halal rules got you talking.
The importance of abattoirs cannot be over emphasized as it serves as the starting point of processing chain in the meat industry before it enters the market.
I HAVE just been sent a video published by Compassion in Farming showing animals sent to foreign abattoirs being brutally treat before being slaughtered.