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Synonyms for abatement

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Synonyms for abatement

the act or process of becoming less active or intense

an amount deducted

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Synonyms for abatement

an interruption in the intensity or amount of something

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References in classic literature ?
Fouquet has made an abatement of a third, so that the people have been plundered, without your majesty profiting by it.
The evening wore away with no abatement of this soothing politeness; and her spirits were gradually raised to a modest tranquillity.
There had been no abatement in the ferocity of the tempest, nor was there indication of any.
He felt that he could leave her with a quiet mind to tread the paths of distinction, and wished--but without abatement of patronage, and without prejudice to the retiring virtues of his favourite child-- that he had such another daughter.
Still, there was no abatement in the storm, but it blew harder.
* Quantitative threshold used to trigger disclosure of individual tax abatements.
77, Tax Abatement Disclosures, requires governments to disclose information about their own tax abatements separately from information about tax abatements that are entered into by other governments and reduce the reporting government's tax revenues.
My purpose in examining the characteristics of United States abatement programs is to report upon the specific characteristics--contained in the broad categories classified by Kenyon, Langley, and Paquin (2012, Table A1) and reproduced here in Table 1--which are more apt to yield abatements that when offered are less likely to alter a firm's behavior.
To uniformly apply penalty abatements, the IRS developed a decision-support software program called the Reasonable Cause Assistant (RCA).
He said the abatements totaled a little more than $3 million, which is about what the city had set aside to fund abatements and exemptions.
will enable the McCarthys to prove their entitlement and collect $30,000 of tax abatements improperly denied over the course often years.
Few of the major developers in Jersey City would discuss the Canco abatement, but government sources said the council has been approached about sweetening existing abatement agreements for other developers and is also negotiating more generous first-time abatements for new projects.
All of the abatements conducted in the 14 abated homes appeared to be beneficial in removing substantial amounts of lead paint.
The board-approved abatements will go toward $2.57 million in new and reconditioned equipment as well as $350,000 for Eagle Alloy's metalcasting facility improvements.
Generally, participants agreed that for home abatements, sampling is likely not worth the expense, and it makes more sense financially to just solve the problem.