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Synonyms for abashed

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Synonyms for abashed

feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious

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"Do you use product or anything?" Abashedly, he replies, "No ...
It is at this climax to her transgressions that Martin looks around abashedly and suggests they leave.
oThe birthday special is only one pancake,AEAE I explained, abashedly. oYou have to pay extra for the combos.AEAE
On the day before she was to start the job, Mahlum recalls being slumped on the floor, phone in hand, abashedly confessing to Comcast executives that she couldn't take the job.
(Detractors noted with exaggerated relief the Martel's next project would be a detour into science fiction.) Some directors, mindful of the traps of predictability, seem determined to avoid reiteration: Apichatpong Weerasethakul abashedly joked in private that his forthcoming film, Primitive, would not be structured in two contrasting halves, as has long been his identifying modus.
It is an un abashedly sentimental yet timeless piece that never confuses good and evil.
Therefore, we would be surprised to find, say, a closing account of how Downing's own university has managed--as he somewhat abashedly states in a footnote--to rebuke the national average by maintaining a maximum of ten percent temporary faculty.
At another point in the book Pollock abashedly notes that these are her own expectations ("presumptions"?) too.
When McInerny writes in the New York Times Book Review that Kunkel is doing "something more ambitious by somewhat abashedly presenting the birth of a social conscience as a genuinely redemptive moment," I turn back to Dwight's speech: "I mean to say that only when other people have the same freedom which we have devoted ourselves to squandering--only then will we really finally know what we should have done with ours in the first place" Anyone who believes that this is the birth of a social conscience needs to read more carefully.