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a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth

a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair

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Comprising three ABAR LR-80B Pick and Place robot cells and two FANUC Robotics M-710iC robots, bags of onions enter the LR-80B robot cell where they are picked and placed into a crate which, when full, moves to a quality check area.
In an effort to see whether the prohibition of alcohol by parents might be a cause of binge drinking, Abar surveyed almost 300 college freshmen and compared their drinking habits to their parents' attitudes toward alcohol.
Abar said it will be at least a year before Brumwell stands trial.
What we've got to create here is drugs,'' Bliss said in one of the conversations, which were taped by assistant coach Abar Rouse with a concealed microcassette recorder on July 30-31 and Aug.
According to George Abar, senior director for corporate communications for PBS, that number does not include corporations that may have given to local public broadcasting stations during the fiscal year.
Pollock, BS, DMD, MS, PHD, JD, MCBA, CMEA, ABAR, an esteemed appraiser in the profession, as well as a dentist.
Matt Abar, President and CEO of FinFolio states PowerShell is the automation tool for all Microsoft servers.
Mahmoud Al-Sharif's paper, "Evaluating the services of Miqat Abar Ali in Madinah.
On Tuesday, gunmen in vehicles fired on the army checkpoint in Abar, some 300 km (186 miles) east of the capital Sanaa, killing eight soldiers and wounding four before fleeing, a local official said.
Mussallah Al Bade'a, Al Falaj ground in Al Abar, Al Zubair prayer grounds in Al Zubair area, Al Khan Mussallah, Al Hamriya Musalla, and Abu Mousa Mussallah.
ABAR manager turned 'sexual predator' indecently assaulting three young women he employed to work for him at a North East golf club.
The film brought the best actor award for Shahab Hosseini, best supporting actress award for Merlia Zarei, best supporting actor for Saber Abar, and best editor for Haydeh Safiyari.
Days later, he left her another Facebook message saying he had heard she was having a night outandwhenshewent to abar with friends she saw him peering through the window.
Five-year-old Sayed Jaffer Isa Al Abar died in the Salmaniya Medical Complex without regaining consciousness last Friday, four days after being locked inside the Bahrain Pearls Model Kindergarten bus from morning to noon.