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being five more than fifty


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Majd, "Calculating abandonment value using option pricing theory," Working Paper, Alfred P.
"Abandonment Value and Capital Budgeting: Comment." Journal of Finance.
The $18,000 abandonment value appears in year one with an associated probability of 40%.
For example, Robichek and Van Horne (1967) show that a project should be abandoned in the first period when the abandonment value exceeds the present value of the projects future cash flows from operations, discounted at the cost of capital.
In cases where an asset cannot be assigned a readily identifiable cash flow independent of other asset groupings, and the asset is not expected to provide service benefit, liquidation, or abandonment value should be assigned.
If its value in place (the net present value of remaining cash flows) falls below its abandonment value (the amount that could be obtained through sale or other disposal), the asset should be abandoned and an impairment realized.