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a deserted settlement (especially in western United States)

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Generally, after ceasing their activity and withdrawing, they leave behind great human and environmental liabilities such as unemployment, abandoned towns, the depletion of natural reserves, deforestation, the impoverishment of agriculture and local stock breeding, open pits, riven hills, polluted rivers and a handful of social works which are no longer sustainable.
The abandoned towns and fighter planes shown in the trailer definitely piqued our curiosity.
The player, the only villager left behind, can do little more than walk - no jumping, no running - just trudging through abandoned towns.
The other, perhaps less entertaining but more provoking, article in Smithsonian is Paul Theroux's un-romantic but heartfelt look at the "Soul of the South." Theroux's extensive profile catalogues poverty, all but abandoned towns, businesses gone forever, despair, the unending racial divide and ultimately rehabilitation and hope, characterized by the many folks he spoke with.
Players are encouraged to work together in groups to keep crowds of zombies away from highways, abandoned towns and other locations, which tend to have the most valuable supplies.
Anyone driving even a half-mile north or south of American Interstate highways will see the collection of dying or abandoned towns between the two coasts.
"It became almost an obligation to do something about the quake, to the point that doing something else was somewhat regarded as a sin," said Toshi Fujiwara, whose film No Man's Zone, about the abandoned towns in the Fukushima area, was shown in Berlin.