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a deserted settlement (especially in western United States)

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And if you can drag your little monkeys away, catch the Scorpion Express, the park's new ride, which takes you through gold mines and an abandoned town.
A visitor centre containing records of the excavations and the history of the site as well as informative study materials on the activities of the researchers from the University of Copenhagen recently commissioned by QMA to conduct high-technology survey to learn more about the abandoned town is also part of the facility.
According to a Chilean local newspaper, a treasure hunter Oscar Munoz found the remains on October 19, 2003 when he was looking for objects of historical value in La Noria, an abandoned town in the Atacama Desert.
Washington, July 20 ( ANI ): The owner of the Texas "breastaurant" chain, 'Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill', who recently bought an abandoned town off Craigslist, plans to turn it into a seasonal tourist destination.
Just half a mile from the site, residents of the abandoned town of Okuma were allowed back for just a few hours to honour the dead.
In return, the Turkish side should hand over control of the abandoned town of Varosha.
The training area used was a very unique area for units to use, a completely abandoned town in Kosovo.
It is a tale told in retrospect, in the gloomy shadow of the abandoned town asylum.
I wholeheartedly and very sincerely take this opportunity to welcome you as a distinguished English visitor to this abandoned town of Gedi this morning.
Bradenton, of course, wasn't always an abandoned town, remembers Theroux, a Manatee County resident since 1962.
hasn't seen since it abandoned town squares and city greens.
Doncaster's and Barnsley's loss was gain for Huntingdon as coaches bound for the abandoned Town Moor meeting and the FA Cup match at Oakwell swelled the crowd, which topped 3,000.
I close my eyes, but the same scene plays over: Above the victim's head the priest suspends A blade, light plays cleanly upon bronze, The sun beats down, the confused heifer lows, The pipe shrills, the bright libation flows, Those of the faithful with weak nerves look away, The blue paint splashed beneath a glowing sky Bleeds across the harbor to the bobbing skiff Whose white sail shows above the green head cliff, Moves around the point, and seems to freeze in time The unison hymn of sailors who forget All that they know but their songs' chiming, Chanting as we did when poetry was young, Trying not to think too much about the deeps, Our fear of death, and this abandoned town Which itself has lost all memory of The qualities of life vacated when we die.
They also raised the flag of the Islamic State in an abandoned town hall.
The town of Ghannam is strategically located at the Southern part of the Turkmen Mountains in Northern Lattakia; it is considered important due to its proximity to the Lattakia-Aleppo Highway and its large presence of the militant groups that inhabit this abandoned town.