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a deserted settlement (especially in western United States)

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Two years later, the abandoned town was converted into a state park.
In return, the Turkish side should hand over control of the abandoned town of Varosha.
The training area used was a very unique area for units to use, a completely abandoned town in Kosovo.
It is a tale told in retrospect, in the gloomy shadow of the abandoned town asylum.
I wholeheartedly and very sincerely take this opportunity to welcome you as a distinguished English visitor to this abandoned town of Gedi this morning.
Bradenton, of course, wasn't always an abandoned town, remembers Theroux, a Manatee County resident since 1962.
Doncaster's and Barnsley's loss was gain for Huntingdon as coaches bound for the abandoned Town Moor meeting and the FA Cup match at Oakwell swelled the crowd, which topped 3,000.
I close my eyes, but the same scene plays over: Above the victim's head the priest suspends A blade, light plays cleanly upon bronze, The sun beats down, the confused heifer lows, The pipe shrills, the bright libation flows, Those of the faithful with weak nerves look away, The blue paint splashed beneath a glowing sky Bleeds across the harbor to the bobbing skiff Whose white sail shows above the green head cliff, Moves around the point, and seems to freeze in time The unison hymn of sailors who forget All that they know but their songs' chiming, Chanting as we did when poetry was young, Trying not to think too much about the deeps, Our fear of death, and this abandoned town Which itself has lost all memory of The qualities of life vacated when we die.
30pm in the Ayios Memnonas area in the abandoned town of Varosha.
A large Syrian flag that had been flying for days between the Quneitra crossing and the abandoned town was taken down and a United Nations position in the area, thought to be unmanned, was pounded with mortar shells.
If you want to explore the area take an excursion to the Lycian rock tombs, which were carved into cliffs in the 4th century BC, the abandoned town at Kayakoy, the Saklikent Gorge or the blue lagoon at Olu Deniz.
According to the synopsis of the episode, Pam continues to search for Eric, while Sookie and Jason visit an abandoned town in search of clues.
Prominent members of PML(N) party have been accused of diverting water from an area under the influence of two senior politicians, to Muzaffarnagar, now an abandoned town.
But the top end of Cardiff Road to the castle, in particular, looks more like an abandoned town in Africa.
Unable to accept the doctor's diagnosis that her daughter should be permanently institutionalized for psychiatric care, Rose (Radha Mitchell) flees with her child, heading for the abandoned town in search of answers -- and ignoring the protests of her husband (Sean Bean).