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Synonyms for abandonment

Synonyms for abandonment

the act of forsaking


a complete surrender of inhibitions

Synonyms for abandonment

the act of giving something up

withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

the voluntary surrender of property (or a right to property) without attempting to reclaim it or give it away

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The body of Emanouil Koula from Greece, was found by his roommate in an abandoned house in Yeri at around 7.
During a lull in the shooting, the Marines caught some policemen looting abandoned houses and turned them over to their commanders, the colonel said.
A group of ex-servicemen are transforming an abandoned house into a home for veterans
Northampton County Animal Control found the emaciated puppies in an abandoned house.
A drug-infested abandoned house becomes a neighborhood beacon providing GED training for those who left the local educational system.
Three young Muslim American men have been found dead in apparent "execution style" killings in an abandoned house in Indiana.
The landlord shall bear the full costs of demolition of the abandoned house upon issuance of a formal demolition decision, and after the elapse of the grace period granted by the municipality to landlords.
The Junction City man who walked away from a prison work crew off Highway 20 in Philomath on Monday afternoon was found overnight in an abandoned house near Cheshire and taken back into custody, Oregon State Police said Tuesday.
Locals tipped the authorities about the presence of a group of illegal migrants in an abandoned house in the area.
It was just too crowded there Monday night, so he slept in an abandoned house before coming outside Tuesday morning and holing up beneath the Pontchartrain Expressway overpass downtown.
The headquarters will occupy 86,000-square-foot area for which several former law offices and an abandoned house has to be demolished.
In Staffordshire, inspector Jayne Bashford is tending to a dog in an abandoned house, but getting to the bottom of the story of how it got there proves tricky.
She said: "I went because I thought I was going to work but he took me to an abandoned house being built in a community called Loma de los Cocos in Pedro Brand where he sexually abused me.
A CORONER has praised the ambulance service for trying to help a woman who died in an abandoned house in Birmingham.
Hiding out in an abandoned house in Vancouver, they're trying to figure out their next move.