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French philosopher and theologian

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It assures us that the Troubadours or Provencal storytellers invented Finette well before they created Abailard and before the famous comte Thibaut de Champagne wrote novels.] Lheritier's insistence that the comtesse de Murat be acquainted with the medieval origins of the French literary fairy tale she is about to read, goes beyond a mere concern for literary historical accuracy, however.
(4) Abailard's theory is described in detail in Martin M.
Abelard, Peteralso called Pierre Abelard or Pierre Abailard, Latin Petrus Abaelardus or Petrus Abeilardus (b.1079, Le Pallet, near Nantes, Brittany [now in France]--d.
(17)This may have been the position of the eleventh-century thinker Garlandus Compotista: see Tweedale, Abailard on Universals (North Holland, 1976), 135-140.