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an associate degree in applied science

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Sequa announced the Ivar Aasen deal on 9 November 2015.
reticulatum from the North Sea confirmed the results of studies by Aasen et al.
Norwegian bank Aasen Sparebank issued on Monday (21 August) its report for the first half of the year, posting an operating result of NOK6.64m before losses, as compared to NOK6.17m in the same period of 2005.
FIS Cross Country World Cup, Otepaeae, Estonia: Leading positions after the Men's 15km: 1 Vassili Rotchev (Rus) 37mins 15.3secs, 2 Lukas Bauer (Cze) 37:15.8, 3 Serguei Novikov (Rus) 37:19.0, 4 Frode Estil (Nor) 37:24.0, 5 Jaak Mae (Est) 37:29.3, 6 Mathias Fredriksson (Swe) 37:30.6, 7 Jens Arne Svartedal (Nor) 37:32.3, 8 Andrus Veerpalu (Est) 37:36.5, 9 Anders Soedergren (Swe) 37:47.4, 10 Anders Aukland (Nor) 37:58.4, 11 Geir Ludvig Aasen (Nor) 38:09.6, 12 Eugeni Dementiev (Rus) 38:10.5, 13 Alexandre Rousselet (Fra) 38:11.6, 14 Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset (Nor) 38:15.3, 15 Nikolai Pankratov (Rus) 38:19.2.
"The VoIP assets that we have acquired have given us a leap forward into the broadband Customer Premises Equipment market," said Greg Aasen, Vice President and General Manager, Communication Products Division at PMC-Sierra.
More recently, Fehn's glacier museum at Fjaerdal (AR April 1993), and his memorial museum for the great Norwegian philologist Ivar Aasen at [empty set]rsta (AR September 2001) have, in their different ways, been major contributions to museum design, both responding to the landscapes in which they are set with poetic imagination and understanding.
Seasonal abundance is related to north-south migrations (Aasen, 1963; Campana et al.
Last year's winners were Martha Charris, Kathy Miller, Linda Hastings, Laureen Aasen, Jeff Tremonte, Louann Noll, Alyson Tabot, Vicki Hirsch, Linda Buzzi, and Mike Pelletier.
In the 1830s, a farmer's son from the coastal districts in western Norway, Ivar Aasen, entered the discussion.
Lille Prinsen Outer Wedge is located 200 kilometres west of Stavanger and 5 kilometres north-east of the Ivar Aasen field.