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United States politician who served as vice president under Jefferson


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Aaron Burr is not by any definition I know of a "founder" of anything.
The essay on Aaron Burr also raises issues regarding these two types of character: outward character (eighteenth century view) and inner character (modem view).
Situated on the corner of Nassau Street and Washington Road in the heart of Princeton, the Aaron Burr Hall project restored and renovated the existing 28,000-s/f structure, while adding 10,500 s/ f of additional classroom and office space.
Contrary to convention, and in some tension with his own model, Wood includes Thomas Paine and Aaron Burr among the founders.
Eliot's wife and Vice President Aaron Burr, and how letters between them led Bernadine Fawcett discover intimate accounts of a "Patriot Spy Ring" A seminal and quite original contribution to American Revolutionary War History, Missing Links To The Culper Spy Ring?
Their personal stories are woven throughout the book, as is the rivalry between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.
0), who as acting governor in 1806 ordered the arrest of former vice-president Aaron Burr for treason.
Although the focus here is on Hamilton, a great patriot with a little tarnish, the early history of the fledgling republic and the parallel activities of Aaron Burr are never far from the spotlight.
To those who criticize the judge, I refer them to the words of the first great trial lawyer in America, Luther Martin, who, during his closing in defense of Aaron Burr, trumpeted to Justice Marshall: 'It is easy to do our duty in fair weather, but when the tempest rages, when lightning blazes all around us--it is then that a truly brave man stands his post.
Aaron Burr was a handsome and intelligent man with an outstanding track record as a celebrated lawyer and Thomas Jefferson's vice President but all of his achievements in life were not enough for him and he became involved in one of the biggest criminal conspiracies in America, famously known as the "Burr Conspiracy".
He becomes involved in the enterprises of Aaron Burr and is court-martialed.
The infamous 1804 encounter between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr was not the aberration it seems today, but part of a widespread phenomenon.
Jefferson and Aaron Burr had tied in the Electoral College vote, and the Constitution had provided a method for solving the problem, but in the 2000 election, there was no such clear-cut way, so that the issue became more of a judicial question rather than a political question.
In fact, in 1800 there was a tie in the Electoral College votes with 73 going to both Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.
The novel also features a sub-plot involving Aaron Burr, a most eloquent rake according to this novel (and other accounts), who comes very close to seducing Mary's friend, Madame de Frontignac.