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tall-stalked very woolly mullein with densely packed yellow flowers

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Aaron's Rod focuses on men without women, or more specifically men who want to live outside relationships with women.
Indeed, he takes Stephen Vine to task for not recognizing the author's life and anxieties about gender and gender relations in his Introduction to Aaron's Rod. Lawrence uses The Ladybird's Clariss Houghton, according to Granofsky, to undermine the power that mothers held in his own mind, but, at the same time, her hypochondria is a manifestation of his anxiety about his own hardiness and ability to survive.
They put the tablets of the law and Aaron's rod and a piece of manna in the Ark of the Covenant in order to tell their children and their grandchildren of all God's miracles in the desert.
Tim Unsworth writes from Chicago where he carves reproductions of Aaron's rod. Contact him at unsworth@megsinet.net
Kinkead-Weekes acknowledges a bisexuality in Lawrence, but steadfastly denies actual homosexuality, thus cutting off exploration of problematic elements within Lawrence: the strong evocation of homosexual feeling in, for instance, The White Peacock, Aaron's Rod, and The Plumed Serpent, not to mention the 'strange, unacknowledged, inflammable intimacy' between Gerald and Birkin in the suppressed prologue to Women in Love.
In a volume that offers so much that is original and good it seems invidious to single out individual contributions, but given the constraints of reviewing space, I would like to note in particular the fine critical studies of two novels, which must rank among the best essays written on Lawrence's fiction in recent years: Howard Mills's 'Mischief or merriment, amazement and amusement - and malice: Women in Love' and John Turner's 'Comedy and hysteria in Aaron's Rod'.
Whereas Aaron's rod struck down whole nations, Friar Dominic's assault on Gomez's house merely mimics the blustering wind, strong enough to raise a huff but lacking the force even to open a door.
Aaron's Rod Novel by Lawrence, D.H., published in 1922.
Lawrence, who in Aaron's Rod (1922) advocated "a proper and healthy and energetic slavery," in 1908 had written presciently, "If I had my way, I would build a lethal chamber as big as the Crystal Palace, with a military band playing softly.
Mawr, to offer 'a satirical gloss' on some of Lawrence's poems, to function as 'a revisionist, intertextual play on Women in Love', and also to make critical reference to Aaron's Rod and Kangaroo.
Joyce, Ulysses; Lawrence, Aaron's Rod; Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
In retrospect, this period--reaching its peak about 1922, when Ulysses, <IR> THE WASTE LAND </IR> , Aaron's Rod, Jacob's Room, and <IR> ANNA CHRISTIE </IR> were published--appears as relatively unitary, with marked social and cultural characteristics reflected not only in literature, massive urbanization, rapid technological development, and intellectual mobility, but also in a postwar syndrome of "open breach with the past," said Frank Kermode, that encouraged a feverish search for new contexts and forms of expression.
The Accra Optimist International Club, in collaboration with Aaron's Rod Foundation and Tema Optimist International Club, all non-governmental organisations (NGOs), paid a visit to the Echo Hill Orphanage in Accra to interact and have fun with the children.
Deleuze and Guattari focus on Aaron's Rod as an illustration of their view of a schizophrenic universe of atomized "reproductive desiring-machines" that ultimately repudiates woman, family, and society.
Ronald Granofsky's critical study focuses on Lawrence's works of fiction written between 1919 and 1922: the Ladybird novellas, The Lost Girl, Aaron's Rod, and the short stories collected in England, My England.