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United States professional baseball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934)

(Old Testament) elder brother of Moses and first high priest of the Israelites

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Oh, for shame, Aaron," said his mother, taking him on her lap, however; "why, you don't want cake again yet awhile.
Come, Aaron, stan' up and sing the carril to Master Marner, come.
That's Christmas music," she said, when Aaron had ended, and had secured his piece of cake again.
But he wanted to show her that he was grateful, and the only mode that occurred to him was to offer Aaron a bit more cake.
His blood and name, indeed, had remained dubious, ever since Sir Aaron had "rescued" him from a waitership in a London restaurant, and (as some said) from more infamous things.
They were not used to kill Sir Aaron, but to save him.
Mr Aaron,' said Eugene, when they were left together in the street, 'with many thanks for your company, it remains for me unwillingly to say Farewell.
Mr Aaron,' returned Eugene, 'I give you good night, and I wish
Aaron was a champion at milking cows, plucking chickens, chasing runaway calves, driving tractor, building houses, and many more chores and large tasks.
The Fosters" Season 5, episode 7 will see Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) becoming closer to each other.
Harold Cohen (1928-2016) was a computer art pioneer and the developer of AARON, one of the most creative AI programs in daily use.
MOST new dads light up a cigar but Aaron Baker decided to pop the question by dressing his daughter in a babygrow adorned with the words: "Will you marry my Daddy?
After their botched raid on Home Farm in 2014, you'd have thought Aaron and Ross would have learnt their lesson.
The plight of Billingham man Aaron Cavanagh, who died while waiting for a lung transplant aged just 33, featured on the Channel 5 documentary, Gift of Life, on Wednesday night.