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nocturnal burrowing mammal of the grasslands of Africa that feeds on termites

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The only aardvark I've ever known was Cyril Sneer from The Raccoons (reference for people of a certain age), so I was intrigued to find out more about them and they've ended up being one of my favourite animals on the park.
With three females and only one male, called Hoos, the zoo was hoping baby aardvarks might be on the way.
The Aardvarks rattled off 10 shots on goal to Pleasant Hill's four.
Around 10 Brazilian aardvarks are believed to be living wild in Cumbria.
TOMORROW Dance Weekend: Ceilidh with the Aardvark Ceilidh Band, Fillongley Village Hall, 8pm-midnight, 02476 336740.
Lloyd and Mitchinson are also working on a follow-up book, titled The Book of Animal Ignorance, which will include facts on creatures from aardvarks to zebras, The Independent reported.
We also learned about the engineering feats of the termite; the grisly dietary habits of the garden spider (males, beware); and the socialized housing projects of aardvarks, who share their holes with warthogs.
The photography is, as usual, stunning, as we get migrating hordes of animals plus aardvarks, baboons and storks - there's even an explanation as to why buffalo have long faces.
And chairmen who are already financing the ludicrous lifestyles of the underperforming millionaires they promised the aardvarks and the acrobats to last year, are worried sick that unless they make pounds 20million instantly available, the fans will call for a lynching.
In which continent are aardvarks found in the wild?
It's something orange so it must be an aardvark. (The ant with the red builders' hat explains that aardvarks turn orange when they are hungry for ants.) The ants make more holes and see lots of colours, each of which they believe gives more evidence about aardvarks.
OES 13, Sheldon 2: Matt Johnson scored four goals and Dylan Gamer added three to lead the Aardvarks past the Irish.
Riley Bought Five Itchy Aardvarks" is a picturebook meant to introduce children to simple mnemonic tools for memorizing scientific facts.
This follows the success of last year's weekend event organised by Coventry Morrisman and Aardvarks member Pete Grassby to celebrate his 50th birthday.