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a river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine

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'Dil Aara' has some great actors in its cast such as Samina Ahmad, Mohammed Ahmed and Abid Ali.
Ishrat Aara, Advocate and Muhammad Saeed alongwith a large number of people have moved PBC against the said lawyer for misconduct.
ISLAMABAD -- Veteran actress Shamim Aara passed away on Friday in London after long illness which is confirmed by the family.
Faisal Raza Abidi, Rahim Dad Khan, Farzana Raja, analysts Nazir Naji, Mujeebur Rahman Shami, Prof Mohammad Arif and Prof Husn Aara Magsi.
On 20 April From 09:00am 01:00pm, F-8/3, G-9/4, I-8/3, I-10/2, -11/1, Golra-II, RTM Mills, KTM-2, Kallar Kahar, Behkri, Mangwal, Aara Bazar, P.D.Khan, Sagherpur, C.S.Shah, Duffer feeders, From 08:00am 12:00pm, Ajmal Shaheed, F-8 (Civil Lines), F-7 Kutchery), F-5 (Jada), F-3 (Gul Afshan), Zubair Shaheed, Mandi halwal, Puran, Akram Shaheed, F-2 (Chip Board), Industrial, Domeli, Madu Kalas, Gujar Khan, Jermote, Guliana, Islam Pura feeders, From 09:00am 03:00pm, Tarlai, Marvi, Azad Shaheed, Iqbal Town, Karor feeders, From 10:00am 03:00pm, T and T, Company Bagh, Kohallah, Patriata, Treat feeders.
One Zafar Abbas in his application filed in civil court had taken the plea Shumaila Rana MPA and her mother Anjum Aara had acquired a house located on Bedian road from him on rent and they were using his house as office of PML-N.
Cap: Nisar, Hasnote, Mumtaz Shaheed, Aara Bazar, Kallar Kahar, Saigalabad, Adhi, Gaggan, Malikwal, Dhok Pathan, Daroot, Dhurnal, Kot Chaudhrian, Katas feeders, From 9 am to 3pm, Committee Chowk, City, G/Mandi, VIP, Kashmir Road, AFIC, Mohanpura, PHA: II, Police Line, EOBI, Ali Market, Auto Workshop, NUST, Bella Road, CT, A.Q Khan feeders and surrounding areas.
From 10:00am to 04:00pm, G8/1, Jinnah Super, Aabpara, Mehfooz Shaheed, Filtration Plant, Ali Pur, Frash Town, Tufail Shaheed feeders From 09:00am to 03:00pm, From Satellite Town Grid Station Commercial Centre, FarooqeAzam, Forth Road, EBlock, Shaheed Muhammad Din, Malikabad, Cricket Stadium feeders, From 08:00am to 12:00noon, Aara Bazar, Kallar Kahar, Saigalabad, Adhi, Gaggan, Malikwal, Dhok Pathan, Daroot, Dhurnal, Kot Chaudhrian, C.W.O, Katas feeders From 09:00am to 12:00noon, Sang Jani, Munir abad, Sirka, Bolianwal, Gul Muhammad Sh., Mehfooz Shaheed feeders and surrounding areas.